How To Start A Successful Fashion Blog


April 20th, 2018   |   Updated on April 9th, 2020

Fashion is (and always will be) a highly successful, profitable, exciting and buzzing industry – and as long as it exists, people will be able to blog about it and cover all of the latest groundbreaking news in the fashion world.

Do you know the best fashion trends as or even before they happen? Would you love to write about it and have your own fanbase of fashionistas? If that sounds like you, you could start up a successful fashion blog. Here’s you can get started…

1. Pick A Blog Platform

First, you have to choose a platform for your blog, and these days there are many options available that are easy to use and can even be accessed on-the-go from your smartphone for those fashion events.

You will also have to choose a domain name and register a domain – we’d suggest that you go with something catchy that people will remember. (Not sure what people will prefer? Do a survey before you launch!)


2. Choose A Fashionable Blog Template

Once you’ve decided on your blog platform, you’ll need to set it up – and here you might need a good guide to installing WordPress, the platform we’d recommend to most bloggers.

You should have an option of many pre-created templates for your blog, and you can upload a custom template downloaded or purchased elsewhere if you have a paid account with WordPress – yes, you can even get someone to design your own personal blog template for you and just add it to the WordPress system.

Go with something that catches the eye without giving people an instant headache: Sometimes less is more.

3. Wear The Things You Post

Let’s tell you a secret about the world of fashion: Readers of fashion blogs want to see fashion bloggers wear the things they are posting about.

Here’s a potential goldmine for fashion bloggers: Many designers and retailers will be happy to send a sample for an honest review on your blog, and wearing what you write about (and posting the pictures to prove it) will tell your readers that you’re for real.

People want to see that you know what you’re talking about, and photos are always a great addition to your blog and will make people want to share it!


4. Watch The Latest Fashion Trends

As a fashion blogger, people will come to your blog to find out what the newest fashion trends are, or what you think about the latest things that happened in fashion, including events and sometimes scandals.

You should keep an eye on the business you want to write about. That’ll mean attending many of the events as a blogger yourself – many offer complimentary tickets for bloggers that you could be taking advantage of – and that’ll mean keeping an active social media presence, where you’ll find a lot of news as it happens, just think of breaking news on Twitter.


5. Offer Members Something Special

People love feeling like they’re being offered something special. So, interact with your members and respond to questions sent to you via your blog with regular posts.

Also consider offering them cool bonuses – like a voucher for being the 1, 000th viewer for the day, or some cool new fashion gear given away once a month.

People really love special offers, and this will convince people to come back to the site regularly – it works especially well if you somehow tie likes or shares to winning anything in the competition or being eligible for the voucher you offer. Offer members something special that allows you and them to both benefit from it!