Top 7 Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

July 19th, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

Those who travel to Dubai for adventure has lot to experience with private centers of attraction in the city. The city has a lot of places where you can enjoy yourself and bless Mother Nature. If you find yourself in downtown Dubai and you are in search of where to visit or things to do, here is the right place to be.

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

Here you can find out things you can do to with your wife and kids in downtown Dubai and find out more visit

1. Downtown slide

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

Do you feel you should enjoy the lifestyle of the city while downtown and you don’t know where exactly to go? The downtown slide is the right place to be. It is a place where you can enjoy yourself with friends and family. To navigate to the area, you have to head straight to the center.

The downtown slide boasts about 19 slides, where you can have fun with your kids. There is no cause to worry about anything. You can choose to scream or not as you slide the first insulated stainless steel. The experience is what your kids will always love, and they will still want a return of the visit.


2. Luxury spa

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

You must have heard of a place where the body and soul restoration meets. It is called the spa. If you are in search for the best place to relax and enjoy the day with lots of massaging going on your body, you should visit the Dubai most luxurious spa.

The spa is situated on the downtown as well, and your tour to Dubai isn’t complete without your visit to this place. The spa offers you the best treatment to straighten your muscles and keep the body in excellent condition with unique Arabic décor. Be assured you are in safe hands with lots of qualified staff available to render exclusive service.


3. Skating park

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

Not everyone loves the idea of skating but for those who cherish the calm atmosphere of skating on the ice and wouldn’t trade for any other thing. The downtown skating center is just as the same size as the Olympic and the exciting part is that It is situated in the Dubai mall.

Therefore, you have the privilege to see through the mall and as well enjoy your mission to skate on the ice. You have no excuse for not getting on the ice with your kids as there are trainers there to guide and teach you how to successfully skate.


4. Restaurants

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai isn’t only known for the fun part but as well with some luxurious restaurants where you can go to and enjoy yourself with your wife and kids. It boasts of many restaurants and hotels with elegant surroundings and inspiring engraving modern designs that will captivate you.

You get to enjoy different types of dishes based on your choice, and you will be glad always to come back and enjoy the groove in the city especially on Friday nights.


5. Dubai view from the top

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

What can you boast of if you fail to have a view of the city from the top? Well, this can’t be done without being on the top of one of the tallest building in the city known as Burj Khalifa. The building has unique and unparalleled decks on levels of 124, 125, and 148.

There you have the platform to have a 360-degree unobstructed view of the city, ocean, and desert. All that you see will make you agree that Dubai is one of the best cities in the world. You are likely to see the best of the city when you get to the top of the building at night.


6. Dubai Mall

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

Do you know there is always a festival shopping in Dubai every December? Well, you just found out, and one of the places where the shopping takes place is the Dubai Mall. It is a very big place where you can move around and shop for some of the best goods in the city.

Also, the mall has centers of attraction such as the viewing centers, skating park and some entertainment centers where you can as well have fun while shopping in the mall.


7. Brainscape games

Things To Do In Downtown Dubai

Do you want to take a challenge with your with your wife and kids and work together to achieve a particular goal? The brain shape is the right place to be. In the place, you will be locked in a room, and you will be freed just after you can offer the correct answer to a riddle.

It is the best place to remind you what you’ve learned during your childhood days. As you get to appreciate all that you were thought. You have to be on top of your game else, and your kids will sweep you off your feet.

Image Source: pixabay