10 Thoughts That Strong Women Have In Relationships But Never Admit

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October 31st, 2017   |   Updated on January 30th, 2019

All people are weak! But… some can act in a strong manner, make courageous decisions and most importantly, be responsible for them.  Of course, women have not to be strong by their nature, but very often circumstances push them in that direction.

It`s difficult to be in relationships with really strong women as they don’t want to lose their status and be dependent on men. Read strong women quotes to confirm this, read what they say and think about relationships and men.


Not all men (far from all) are ready and can enter the relationships where everything will depend just on a woman and on her word.

But don`t think that only men suffer from such relationships! Being a strong woman in a relationship isn’t so easy and pleasant because all responsibility lies primarily on her tender shoulders. In this situation, it`s quite normal that a strong woman demands much from the relationship and her partner.

Such an independent and self-contained woman will never tolerate lying and disrespect in relationships, cheating and manipulation, control and mental abuse. Well, she always knows what she wants and what she needs.

She always decides what should be done and she’s always sure that she does the right things! Although what she`s doing and what she`s thinking are two very different things. And if you’re in a relationship with a strong woman, here are 10 thoughts that commonly all strong women have in their relationships but, of course, never admit.

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1. I Got Tired Of Hearing That I Have To Be Strong! I Don’t Owe Anything To Anybody!

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2. You Have No Idea How Badly I`d Like To Be Weak And Defenseless!

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3. I`m Not Afraid Of Loneliness, But I Don’t Want To Be Along.

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4. Well, It Turned Out You Could Surprise Me!

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5. The Most Important Thing To Me That I’m Loved By You!

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6. Even If I’m Wrong, It Proves Nothing! It Really Doesn’t Matter!

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7. Yes, I`m Strong! I Know This! But If You`re Still By My Side, You’re Not Only A Strong Man, You’re Also A Wise Man.

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8. Of Course, I’m Not Offended! Of Course, I`ll Forgive You! But I Know My Calm And Cool Smile Will Kill You Slowly, Or At Least, It Will Turn You To Jello!

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9. A Strong Man Differs From A Weak One That When You Feel Bad, A Strong Man Will Help And Support You, But A Weak Man Will Pretend Like He Feels Even Worse Than You.

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10. I Need You, But I’d Rather Die Than Say It To Your Face!

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