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35 Things Every Girl Does When She Has A Crush

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February 1st, 2019   |   Updated on April 26th, 2023

Although dating rules are rapidly changing and it is no longer taboo for girls to make the first move, there is amongst us, a breed of shy girls, who wouldn’t know how to use this liberty.

They hardly have the guts to talk normally to their crush, let alone asking him out on a date.

Have you ever realized that you know basically everything about your crush even though you’ve barely spoke two words to each other, like ever? Or how you literally can’t. stop.

Staring at your crush whenever they’re around? Having a crush can make you do things that are sorta strange, maybe even a bit cray cray.

Here are 35 things everyone does when they’re crushing on someone.


1. You Plan Your Entire Future In Your Head.

crush on someone

We’ll go to the same college and study abroad in Spain together. After we graduate, we’ll have our wedding in Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland and name our kids something unique like Blue Ivy or North West.


2. You Purposely Hang Out At Places You Know Your Crush Will Be.

So what if you HATE sports? You’re going to every football, basketball, and lacrosse game from now on, because you know who will be there.


3. You Know Where Your Crush Is At Any Single Moment.

i have a crush

You know what class they have every period and even where they are after school and on the weekends.


4. You Stare At Your Phone, Waiting For Them To Text You Back.

my crush

Any time it buzzes you FREAK out hoping it’s bae.


5. The Moment You See Your Crush With Someone Else, You Start Facebook/Insta Stalking That Person, Too.

having a crush on someone

You have to find out who this person is and if your crush is dating them.


6. You Have Imaginary Conversations With Your Crush.

You know, so if you ever actually have a real convo, you’ll be prepared.


7. Any Day That Your Crush Smiles At You Is The Best Day.

Because having a crush is one of the best feelings ever. They always put a smile on your face.


8. Fake Interest In Things They Don’t Really Like

crush on

Are you a Denver Broncos fan? Have you recently been approached by a good looking gal in a brand new Trevor Siemian jersey? Well, even though she looked lost when you started to talk about the 3-4 defensive scheme and she fled to the ladies room after you told her she meant Peyton Manning, you have to give her full marks for effort.


9. Being Straightforward

Some women have an incredible ability to get straight to the point. There are plenty of guys who believe that this type of thing is fictional and only found in “Letters to Penthouse” but it really happens. Granted, this approach is undertaken mostly by very aggressive women.


10. Women Get Jealous

have a crush

We discussed how a woman might try to make her crush jealous but there is a flip-side to that coin. Sometimes they get jealous. Unreasonably jealous. You could find yourself having a perfectly normal conversation with a seemingly nice lady that, unbeknownst to you, has a secret crush on you.


11. Trying To Make You Jealous

what to say to your crush

This scheme can really mess with a guy’s head but that’s why women do it. It’s quite easy to do but the plan must be executed with precision as to not blow the whole operation.


12. Stalking

Yes. Women do it too and it is definitely not the best way to make a good impression on a crush. We’re not talking about the previously-mentioned and relatively harmless social media stalking.


13. Staring

Men and women both engage in this but women have a knack for being a lot less creepy when they do it. They will stare at their crush and then quickly avert their gaze when their crush looks back.


14. Acting Like One Of The Boys

Interacting with your buddies is normally a completely different experience than interacting with women. Guys talk differently around their male friends.


15. Dressing And Acting Sexy

have a crush on someone

This one’s a no-brainer but it requires a woman to be somewhat forward and daring without crossing the line. Many women dress in sexy clothing just because they want to look their best but it is also something they deliberately do to attract the attention of their crush.


16. Just Being Nice

signs of a crush

Here’s an old-fashioned method that it tried and true. Some women believe that doing helpful and thoughtful things will get their crush’s attention. It is fairly transparent but it works a lot of the time too.


17. Nervous Laughter

When women get into a conversation with a crush, they tend to laugh a little more than normal. This isn’t necessarily because they find the other person’s anecdotes to be hilarious. It has more to do with nervousness.


18. Shy Girls Often Smile More At Their Crush Than Others.

do i have a crush on her

Whether consciously or unconsciously, a shy girl’s biggest weapon is her smile. Smiling at her crush every time he passes by, with eyes set on the ground, only looking up occasionally to catch a glimpse of their crush.


19. They’ll Be Fidgety As Hell, Not Knowing What Else To Do With Their Crush In Front Of Them.

what to do if you have a crush

If they’re sitting directly opposite from their crush, shy girls will normally start fidgeting with hair, tapping their feet or just looking here and there, to distract themselves, rather than confront their crush.


20. They Constantly Battle The Urge To Go Say ‘Hi’ To Him.

i have crush on you

But they’d rather deal with it than go and approach their crush.


21. They Will Interact With Every Guy Except The One They’re Crushing On.

i have a girl crush

This is a typical shy girl. She will be confident and open with other guys, but would go mum in front of her crush.


22. Blushing Is So Constant; Every Time They Are Around Their Crush, Their Cheeks Fill Up With Red.

to have a crush

This is the foremost sign of a shy girl crushing on someone. Every time he looks at her, she will get red and blush even more.


23. They Will Never Be Able To Confess Their Feelings To Their Crush.

crush signs

If not her crush, at least her friends will be able to guess her shyness and the reason behind it. But, never expect them to open up in front of their crush so easily.


24. They Get Butterflies Meeting Their Crush, But They Aren’t As Shy When Text Chatting.

stages of having a crush

A shy girl fears face-to-face conversations with her crush. But if you guys start texting, chances are she will soon open up to you.


25. They Will Become Friends With Their Crush’s Friends In Order To Get Closer To Them.

crush on you

Just to get the attention of her crush, she will become friends with his friends before him. She will try to impress his friends, to increase her chances to be liked by him.


26. They’re Bad At Flirting And If They Try, It May Ruin Things Forever.

do you have a crush

Although she wants to flirt with her crush, shy girls don’t know how to. Oft times, they may spoil things by trying to be someone they’re absolutely not.


27. Shy Girls Are Planners.

your crush

They think a lot before uttering even a word. They don’t want to sound stupid. If they are meeting their crush, they have already imagined how they would like the conversation to go.


28. Constantly Reglossed Your Lips.

i had a crush on you

The trend was to make your lips look pouty and drenched in sparkly goop. The only problem was, this look wasn’t exactly practical for eating, or talking, or walking out with your hair down on a windy day.


29. Turned Your Wrist Into A Rubber Band Bracelet Museum.

having crush on someone

Rubber bands were kind of a symbol of status — whether they were the thick, yellow Livestrongs, the thin, glittery fare from Hot Topic, or the more creative, literal rubber bands-shaped-like-animals.


30. Turned Your Wrist Into A Rubber Band Bracelet Museum.

signs he has a crush on you

You wore it with a jacket at school or around your mom, but once you were in a social setting and in close proximity to your crush.


31. Bought The Lowest Of The Low-rise Jeans.

friend crush

Nowadays, we only brave crop tops with their high-waisted counterparts, no one was shy about showing off their possible tops of thongs.


32. Doused Yourself In Perfume That Smelled Like A Cupcake.

have a crush on you

Or cotton candy. Or some sickeningly sweet fragrance that was supposed to make you, by logic, as equally scrumptious.


33. Wore Pants With Messages On The Butts.

crush on him

Sometimes you just had to assume the person you like just needs more obvious hinting.


34. Relied On The Power Of Leggings.

crush on u

Whether you wore them under an Abercrombie skirt or as pants tucked into camel-colored Ugg boots, that stretchy, at times,  sheer cotton legwear , short outfits for girls felt like a staple of flirtation, especially if it was trimmed with black lace.


35. Applied Body Glitter On Your Clavicles And, Ok, Everywhere Else.

A little shimmer was supposed to draw the eye to all the places you wanted it to.

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