5 Tips For A Scary Good Halloween Party

Tips For A Scary Good Halloween Party

October 19th, 2017   |   Updated on October 14th, 2019

Anyone who’s ever been to a Halloween party knows the fun of dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a while. But even when you’re in costume, you can still be yourself!

Putting your own creative spin on this year’s Halloween party will make it one your guests won’t easily forget. Here are a few tips for hosting a creative Halloween party that lets you and your guests enjoy the night and each other’s company.


1. Don’t Stress! You Want The Party To Be Fun For Everyone, So Don’t Worry About Small Stuff That Won’t Matter. Your Night Is Going To Be Scary Enough Without Worrying About Whether Your Costume Is Perfect, Or Whether Your Guests Are Enjoying Themselves. Make Sure You Are Relaxed, And Everyone Else Will Follow Suit!


2. Host A Contest Rewarding The Best Halloween Costumes. There Are So Many Different Ways To Do This, But Each One Of Them Is Certain To Be Tons Of Fun For You And Your Guests. Here Are A Few Examples:

Host a contest rewarding the best Halloween costumes


  • Offer a prize for the person who comes wearing the best costume, such as a handmade trophy or a gag gift.
  • Have guests vote on their favorite costumes.
  • For larger parties, divide costumes into categories and pick a winner for each one.
  • Have each guest put their costume name into a hat (or pumpkin trick-or-treat basket!) and draw a few to decide the winners.


3. Take Photos! Not Only Will You Want To Document Everyone’s Costume For This Year, But You’ll Also Want To Look Back On The Other Memories You Made At Your Party. The Conversations, The Games, The General Shenanigans–Capture It All On Film. You Could Try Using An Instant Camera So Guests Have A Memento To Take With Them Once The Night Is Over.


4. Speaking Of Mementos, You Can’t Go Wrong With Party Favors! Whether You Are Rewarding Your Costume Contest Winners Or Simply Rewarding Your Guests For Being There, Plenty Of Ghoulish Prizes Are Sure To Be A Hit. You Can Always Scare Up Some Classic Favors And Add A Halloween Twist With Spooky Puns And Festive Wrapping.


5. Spark Your Guests’ Creativity By Thinking Up A Creative Theme For The Party And The Costumes You’d Like Them To Wear. If You Are Inviting Lots Of People Who Have The Same Interests, You Could Use A Theme That Plays Off Those Interests:

  • Animal theme for pet owner friends
  • Book character theme for friends who love to read
  • Video game theme for gamer friends


The Possibilities Are Endless.

If you are trying to get a group of people together who may not have a whole lot in common, keep the theme classic–something that anyone can have fun with whether your party guests are children or workmates.

Another way to make your party stand out is to match the decorations and food with the party’s overall theme.

Tips For A Scary Good Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween party isn’t as scary as it seems. By keeping these quick tips in mind, your party will have everyone frightened at how much fun they are having!

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