24 Inspiring Ideas For Halloween Pumpkin Carving You Haven’t Tried Yet

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

October 25th, 2017   |   Updated on March 27th, 2024

1. Dispense With The Usual Lopsided Face And Go For A Bat-themed Pumpkin. Maybe Your Batty Signal Will Even Attract A Certain Cape-wearing Superhero…


2. Channel Your Cultured Side With A Lichtenstein-inspired Pop Art Pumpkin.


3. A Baying Wolf Design. Well, He’s Either Baying Or Trying To Get A Swig Of That Beer.


4. Scraping Off Just The Surface Saves A Ton Of Time When Carving A Pumpkin — It Also Allows You To Get More Creative With Your Designs Without Risking Ruining The Whole Thing.


5. With A Lite-Brite (Remember Those?) As His Inspiration, The Designer Punched Holes In His Pumpkin To Create A Crescent Shape.

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6. This Pumpkin House Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale — Complete With A Moss-Covered Roof To Match Its Window Sills.


7. This Is Less Decorative, More Utilitarian, But We Bet It Will Get Guests Talking.


8. The Other Important Tool In The Carver’s Arsenal?


9. Bring Your Garden’s Last Leafy Greens To Your Front Porch For A Whimsical Display.


10. Flip A Pumpkin On Its Side To Create The Shell Of This Happy Creature. A Oblong Squash Finishes Him Off.

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11. Polka Dots And A Chevron Stripe Add Whimsy To This Pumpkin.


12. Turn Your Pumpkin Into A Veritable Bouquet.


13. Pile Flame Pumpkins In Your Fireplace Instead Of Lighting An Actual Fire.


14. The Detailed Vines On This Pumpkin Are Worthy Enough To Be Showcased On A Mantel.


15. Pay Homage To Man’s Best Friend With This Carving Technique.


16. A Simple Festive Statement Will Look Super Cute In The Kitchen.

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17. A Simple Floral Design Makes This Pumpkin Stand Out.


18. Say “I Love You” With A Pumpkin.


19. By Turning A Pumpkin On Its Side, It’s Possible To Carve One Angry Looking Pumpkin!


20. If You Love Shoes, You’ll Love This!


21. By Carving Teeth And Building Up The Nose With Putty, One Celebrant Made A Perfect Jaws Pumpkin!


22. Stylish Trick-Or-Treaters Will Adore Pumpkins With Logo Cut-Outs.

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23. Just-Married Couples Can Place This Pumpkin In Their Entryways.


24. Show Your Love For Your Automobile On The Side Of A Pumpkin.


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