9 Tips For Choosing The Right Medical Record Retrieval Vendor

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February 26th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Retrieving medical records is no easy task. It is made even more difficult by the fact that custodians of medical information are required by law to protect it.

Certain types of litigation and insurance claims require quick and efficient access of medical records. This is because the outcome of the cases hinges on the available medical records information.

Choosing to outsource medical records retrieval processes is not very difficult but selecting the right provider is critical. So, how do you choose a reliable medical records retrieval vendor? Well, here are a few tips to help you make a perfect choice.

1. Is Retrieval A Core Competency Or A Side Offering?

Medical Record

The chosen vendor should have medical record retrieval as their main service or core competency. Medical record retrieval is a very detailed process that requires full-time attention.

So, don’t make the mistake of going for a company that provides the service only as a side-offer. Remember, partnering with a vendor that offers retrieval services as an add-on service is not different from having your own staff handle the duty when time allows.


2. Expertise

In order to have a flawless records retrieval process, you should assign the job to specialists. Don’t be deceived by people who claim to be jacks of all trades.

A good vendor should be up to date with the latest federal, state, and corporate regulations governing the release of medical records data and information throughout various jurisdictions. They should also understand your requirements and know how to solve issues that may cause retrieval delays.

Additionally, the ideal records retrieval vendor should have made proper investment on the right records retrieval tools, including up-to-date software and hardware which will aid in efficient delivery of the retrieval services.

Needless to say, the level of training of the employees who will put the tools to use cannot be overlooked.


3. Settle For Experience And Innovation

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One of the main drawbacks of hiring just any records retrieval company you come across is the possibility that they may come with more problems than you already have.

For example, the staff members may constantly be in touch with your office for advice on certain processes. On the other hand, a company that knows its job and responsibilities has the ability to meet any challenge head-on without having to involve you. A good vendor should be a problem solver not maker.


4. Understand Your Needs

A medical records retrieval service may be perfect but it may not fit your needs. Before choosing a record retrieval vendor, therefore, it is important to re-visit your needs.

Only then can you settle on a vendor, confident that your goals align with theirs. Ensure that the types of services, delivery times, and terms of service of the vendor will effortlessly help you achieve the goals you pursue.


5. Vendor’s Retrieval Capacity

Many people make the mistake of assuming that bigger companies can provide solutions to their problems faster. In medical records retrieval, size is not the only yardstick for measuring capabilities and efficiency of a company.

It boils down to the skills, experience, and dedication of the staff in charge of retrieving your records. In fact, a single records retrieval specialist can handle a higher workload than a full office of inexperienced staff.

Put in another way, training and experience go a long way in ensuring efficiency and faster delivery of medical records retrieval results.


6. The Costs Of Retrieval


While costs of record retrieval often vary based on the location, most vendors charge similar rates. Well, there is always a possibility that you will get a discount from a vendor if you ask for it.

However, be wary of a company that gives you a deal that is too good to be true. Remember, if the fees are incredibly low, so will be the service.


7. Customer Service

A records retrieval company that has a well-established customer service is serious about satisfying the needs of its clients. Keep in mind that you may have concerns and questions during the process.

You need a vendor that not only understands exactly what you want but one who will also be there for you throughout the record retrieval process.


8. Take Security And Privacy Into Account

Before engaging a vendor, ask for documentation regarding their security and privacy protocols. If some of the company’s operations are offshore, you need to know whether they are shared or dedicated.

Some offshore outsourcing companies support different customers simultaneously, which can cause a lot of confusion in a breach scenario.

Offshore outsourcing is also an indication of a reactive customer service model. So, ensure that you understand the type of users you will be interacting with and the procedure you’ll be using to contact them.


9. Ask Around

Medical Record

There is no harm in asking colleagues or friends whether a certain medical records retrieval firm is the right one for you or not. A reputable company will already have gained favor with the clients it has served before.

An alternative is to get online and search for a company that best fits your needs. Furthermore, you can look for online reviews which will help you make a sound decision.

Final Remarks

Settling for a medical records retrieval firm that is a perfect match for you is not easy. The most outstanding qualities you should be looking for include efficiency, experience, training, security, and timely delivery. Companies such as offer a bonus in form of friendly and dedicated customer service personnel on top of the mentioned qualities.

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