Exploring The Top Anime Cat Girl Characters

Top Anime Cat Girl Characters

Published on June 24th, 2023

A catgirl refers to a female character in fictional works who possesses both human and feline traits, including cat ears, a cat tail, or other forms of cat-like characteristics.

These unique characters are predominantly found in Japanese anime and manga, spanning across different genres of fiction.

Catgirls often embody fantastical elements and hold a significant presence within otaku communities. If you have an appreciation for catgirl characters.

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About Nekomimi

Nekomimi, derived from the Japanese words ‘neko’ meaning cat and ‘mimi’ meaning ears. It is also synonymous with neko musume (cat daughters), nekojin (cat people), and neko (cat).

Nekomimi individuals exhibit traits such as cat ears, a cat tail, or a feline disposition. Even those donning faux cat accessories or complete costumes can be identified as cat girls.

Here is a curated list of the top 42  anime catgirl characters.

1. Catherine

Catherine, a neko girl in her middle age, was once a skilled thief before finding refuge under Otose’s guidance and employment at his bistro. With her unique accent and adorable cat ears, she brings a distinct charm to her character.

Anime Catgirl: Catherine

Previously associated with a band of Amanto thieves known as Cat’s Punch, Catherine has developed a penchant for imitating Otose’s mannerisms, such as mimicking her smoking poses.

Her endearing personality has made her a beloved figure among fans of the anime and manga alike.

2. Felicia

Felicia, a beloved anime cat girl, has won the hearts of many with her charm. Adopted as a tiny kitten by the caring Catholic nun Rose, she found solace in their companionship.

Tragically, Rose’s passing compelled Felicia to venture beyond her familiar town, driven by an unwavering desire to become a renowned musical sensation.


She yearned to spread happiness to others and sought a meaningful purpose.

Inspired by her time with Rose, Felicia made a profound decision to embrace a new path. Devoting herself to a life of service, she became a nun and established Felicity House—an orphanage dedicated to providing love and care to those in need.

With her endearing ears and tail serving as a symbol of her unique identity, Felicia stands as a beacon of hope, touching lives and making a lasting impact.

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3. Persia

A prominent figure hailing from Persia, this anime cat girl possesses a pair of spectacles, cute cat ears, and a delightful tail. She shares a deep romantic connection with Kurata and stands out with her distinctive purple hair.


4. Nuku Nuku

Nuku Nuku, the undeniable protagonist of the anime and manga series, starts off as a stray cat discovered by Ryunosuke during his escape with his father Kyusaku.

Their desperate flight follows the theft of an android prototype, originally created by Kyusaku but capable of being misused for evil intentions. Ryunosuke decides to adopt the injured stray cat, but its condition is critical.

Nuku Nuku

In a moment of clarity, Kyusaku transfers the dying cat’s brain into the android, granting it the intelligence and emotions of a feline.

Nuku Nuku perceives Ryu as a sibling and views Akiko and Kyusaku as parental figures, despite being fully aware of its unconventional origins.

5. Melwin

Melwin, the First Officer of the Catian Starship, stands out among the anime girls with her slender frame, petite bust, short blue hair, and adorable cat ears.

Despite these distinctive features, she has rightfully earned her place on our esteemed roster of the finest anime cat girls.


6. Shizuka Nekonome

Shizuka Nekonome, an instructor at Yokai Academy, assumes the role of a mentor for the journalism club.

As a cat-woman and an adored anime cat girl, she exudes a carefree demeanor, occasionally displaying forgetfulness about certain matters.

Shizuka Nekonome

Being a creature of the supernatural realm, Nekonome teacher possesses a fondness for consuming fish, with a particular penchant for Gold-Fish.

Instead, she actively advocates for a harmonious coexistence between demons and humans, emphasizing the importance of peaceful cohabitation.

7. Chloe Lolo

This anime cat girl carries a rather poignant tale. Chloe was born into a family deeply entrenched in criminal activities, with murder being an integral part of their repertoire.

Since birth, she was taught various lethal techniques, receiving accolades whenever she executed them flawlessly.

Chloe Lolo

However, Chloe’s perception of her family took a bitter turn when her mother sacrificed herself to protect her.

Recognizing her discontent, Chloe’s goddess granted her freedom, but not without a condition: she had to fulfill a series of arduous tasks before she could truly break away, including the assassination of a Level 3 Empire Knight armed solely with a knife.

After severing ties with her family, she embarked on a journey, eventually arriving in Orario approximately nine years prior to the main storyline.

It was there that she encountered her initial failure in an assassination mission targeting Shakti Varma.

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8. Haineko

This mischievous cat girl takes pleasure in teasing others and making a lasting impression. However, her attention span is fleeting, and she easily becomes disinterested and bored.


In the manga, Matsumoto describes Haineko as a self-absorbed and shallow Zanpakutō, much like herself, albeit oblivious to it.

Haineko embodies a carefree and indolent persona, quick to be irritated by trivial matters.

Believing herself to possess exceptional beauty and superior qualities compared to Matsumoto, Haineko is always ready to prove it, even if her arguments are childish.

Though serious and rational behavior may be rare for Haineko, it is not entirely out of reach.

9. Natsuki Sasahara

Natsuki, the adorable 17-year-old anime cat girl from Hyper Police, embodies a captivating blend of human and Nekomata heritage.

With a human father and a Nekomata mother, she exudes warmth and tirelessly defends the vulnerable, upholding justice.

Natsuki Sasahara

Her feline essence permeates her being; she indulges in cat food, grooms meticulously, and playfully interacts with objects like Sakura’s tails. Even in human form, her adorable cat ears adorn her head.

Though she struggles to control her electric shock abilities, her Orichalcon blade, split tail, and command over two “Parasites” showcase her remarkable strength.

Volume nine reveals her lineage as the offspring of the ancient Egyptian goddess Bast.

10. Lin Xiao-Mei

Lin Xiao-Mei, commonly known as Lin Lin, is a recurring character in the beloved anime series, The Shining.

She captivates audiences as an adorable anime cat girl, leaving a lasting impression. Lin Lin plays a secondary role in Shining Hearts, but takes center stage as the main character in Shining Blade.

Lin Xiao-Mei

Lin Xiao-Mei makes her debut in the series’ first episode when Rick, the protagonist, questions her true identity.

Airy, another character, responds by revealing Lin Lin’s occasional visits to bring Rick bread and her fondness for his baked creations.

This charming and multi-faceted character continues to captivate fans as her story unfolds throughout The Shining series.

11. Kuune

Qoone, the esteemed captain of the Catian Starship, is an exceptional anime cat girl. With leadership skills and captivating charm, she forges diplomatic ties with Earth’s prominent figures.

Qoone’s feline grace and wit navigate interstellar relations, bridging the gap between Catian civilization and Earth.


She seeks a harmonious alliance, fostering understanding, cooperation, and peace. As a diplomat, Qoone transcends expectations, bringing anime-inspired allure to negotiations.

Her endearing qualities and sharp intellect make her an invaluable asset in this critical endeavor. Qoone represents a captivating cat girl, using her charm to unite two worlds.

12. Chaika

In her quest to bid her father a proper farewell, a young anime cat girl with silver hair and captivating purple eyes sets out on a journey.

Carrying a colossal coffin that serves as both her weapon, the Gandr, and her father’s resting place, she seeks to gather the scattered fragments of his body.


However, there’s a troubling twist—she has lost five years of memories since the fall of the Gas Empire, with only her mission remaining.

Soon, other Chaikas, resembling her and carrying coffins, appear, each claiming to be Emperor Arthur Gaz’s true daughter.

Determined to uncover her origins, Chaika, armed with her gun and magical powers, becomes “Chaika the White,” relying on the support of Toru and Akari from the Kleeman Agency.

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13. Ichigo Momomiya

Ichigo Momomiya, our upcoming anime cat girl, visits a Red Listed Animals exhibit with Masaya Aoyama, her love interest.

In a clumsy moment, she accidentally kisses Masaya when she trips and falls. Mint Aizawa offers her a rude but helpful handkerchief.

Ichigo Momomiya

Later, Ichigo finds Lettuce Midorikawa being harassed by three girls who blamed her for spilling coffee they requested.

Pudding Fong playfully confronts the girls, and Zakuro Fujiwara prevents further trouble.

Ichigo encounters Lettuce again after an earthquake. Outside, she meets the future Mew Mews and receives an Irimote cat DNA injection.

Feline behavior emerges, and she recalls a dream where a cat leaped onto her, realizing a change within her.

14. Ibaraki Dōji

Ibaraki, a half-Oni anime cat girl, resonates with the protagonist of the series. Managing a mobile bar, akin to Miroku’s wandering merchant role, is her unique occupation.

Mistaken for a shape-shifting cat due to her feline ears, Ibaraki readily offers her elixir-like concoctions to the player.

Ibaraki Doji

These beverages grant extraordinary abilities beyond regular items, like increased speed or damage.

With sommelier skills, Ibaraki crafts diverse spirits and liquors, creating drinks that boost stats or revitalize, using player-provided recipes. Strengthening the bond expands her spirit variety and adds exclusive drinks to her collection.

15. Misaki / Yoriko Sagisawa

Misaki/Yoriko Sagisawa, a young anime cat girl from Da Capo, lives a secluded life, observing the world through her bedroom window.

Her feline companion, Yoriko, accompanies her. Through the magic of the Sakura Magic Tree, Misaki’s wish comes true, allowing her to inhabit Yoriko’s body.

Yoriko Sagisawa

Yoriko takes on Misaki’s form, complete with cute cat ears, and bravely ventures outside as a maid cat version of Misaki.

Yoriko’s character development revolves around overcoming her fear of humans and embracing her role as a maid.

However, when Sakura Yoshino destroys the Sakura tree, the enchantment is broken, and Yoriko reverts back to her original cat form.

16. Eris

She embodies the spirit of a lively and innocent cat girl from the Catians race in the anime “Cat Planet Cuties.”

As an alien, she harbors a profound fascination with Earth and its culture, though grasping it fully proves challenging.

Her pivotal role as the Catians’ representative on Earth revolves around nurturing amicable bonds between humans and Catians, resulting in numerous friendships.


Her genuine aspiration involves forging a strong connection with Kio, the first boy to befriend her.

Despite her deep affection for Kio, she remains undeterred by romantic contenders like Aoi and Manami, embracing the idea of sharing him.

Nonetheless, she experiences unease when others interact with Kio without her involvement, like when Aoi and Manami kissed him in space.

Though her past remains shrouded, she carries a sense of ancestral guilt, while maintaining a harmonious rapport with her crew.

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17. Chocola

Chocola, a captivating Neko anime character from the delightful Nekopara anime series, showcases a charming and spirited nature, complemented by her lustrous dark hair. Deeply fond of Kashou, she affectionately addresses him as “Master.”


An innate fear of separation from her beloved master compelled Chocola to steadfastly accompany him during his transition to a new establishment.

Inseparable from her adored Kashou, she yearns for their togetherness above all else. Notably, Chocola’s familial connection thrives as she happens to be the twin sister of Vanilla, forging a bond that transcends mere siblinghood.

18. Ao Nanami

Ao Nanami, a sixteen-year-old high school girl, possesses extraordinary abilities, which are showcased in the Yozakura Quartet anime where she assumes the form of an ancient dragon inhabiting a human body.

Conversely, within the Yozakura Quartet manga, she serves as the city’s mayor and transforms into an anime cat girl.

Ao Nanami

She has an insatiable appetite and particularly relishes dishes prepared by Akina, constantly fretting over her weight while diligently patrolling the city daily.

Ao aspires to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and become a remarkable mayor. Raised by her grandmother, she appears stern, yet her heart brims with kindness.

In the 2008 anime, she befriends Gin and Akina, but in the manga and 2010 anime, she develops feelings for Akina, remaining oblivious to Gin’s affection towards her.

19. Cyan Hijirikawa

Cyan Hijirikawa steals the spotlight in the mesmerizing realm of Show By Rock, personifying the essence of an enchanting anime cat girl.

Though naturally timid, Cyan’s heart beats with a fiery passion for music. One fateful day, while engrossed in a smartphone game, she finds herself mysteriously transported to the digital domain of Midi City, utterly bewildered by the extraordinary turn of events.

Cyan Hijirikawa

In this fantastical realm, Cyan encounters an invitation from Retoree, beckoning her to join the sensational musical group, Plasmagica.

During their captivating performances, Cyan and her bandmates undergo a wondrous transformation, becoming Myumons.

Clad in a stunning gothic lolita ensemble and adorned with striking striped stockings, she effortlessly assumes the role of a resplendent black cat.

20. Nozomi Kiriya

Nozomi Kiriya, from the anime series Mayoi Neko Overrun, is an exceptional cat girl character who was initially lost but found solace when Otome mistook her for a giant cat and offered her shelter.

While she may appear absent-minded at times, Nozomi exhibits the intelligence and agility commonly associated with cat girls.

Nozomi Kiriya

What catches attention is her unique hairstyle, resembling cat ears, which she can manipulate as if they were real.

Nozomi is affectionate and sentimental towards everyone, particularly Takumi. Right from the start, she harbors a deep fondness for him, evident through various instances such as seeking his help in making meringue, holding his hand during a storm, and subtly expressing her desire to visit hot springs together with Takumi.

21. Vanilla

Introducing Vanilla, yet another captivating cat girl hailing from the beloved Nekopara anime series.

With her lustrous white hair, she exudes an air of tranquility and remains predominantly silent, embodying the essence of a serene Neko anime character.


However, her affection for her sister Chocola surpasses all else, serving as the focal point of her adoration. Devoted and unwavering, Vanilla willingly treads the path that Chocola traverses, demonstrating her unwavering loyalty.

Within the Minaduki family of Nekos, Chocola and Vanilla occupy the role of the youngest members, endearing them further to fans.

Through Vanilla’s enigmatic aura and profound attachment to her sister, Nekopara enthusiasts are treated to yet another charming addition to this captivating world of feline allure.

22. Merle

Merle, a thirteen-year-old cat girl, is Van’s loyal companion puppy and childhood friend. Despite her deep bond with Van, she struggles with overwhelming jealousy towards Hitomi, an Earth girl who enters their lives.


However, as time passes, Merle gradually overcomes her jealousy and embraces Hitomi’s presence, eventually forming a genuine friendship with her.

Merle’s past is marked by tragedy as she is an orphan, but she found solace and a sense of belonging within the caring Fanel family who raised her.

Her unwavering devotion to Van is evident as she is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for him.

Merle’s endearing qualities as an anime cat girl make her a beloved character, capturing the hearts of fans with her complex emotions and journey towards acceptance and friendship.

23. Leone

In the realm of adventure, there exists a spirited young woman who revels in the thrill of celebration, even amidst the perils of her team’s noble missions.

She possesses an enigmatic quality, akin to a wild card, sporadically revealing herself in impulsive or enraged moments.


With flowing blonde locks and piercing yellow eyes, her presence demands attention.

When destiny thrusts her into the role of ending the Prime Minister’s life, she embraces this fateful duty. Alas, her valiant act brings about her demise, succumbing to the wounds inflicted upon her.

Though her journey ends tragically, her spirit forever remains a testament to her unyielding determination and unbreakable bond with her comrades.

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24. Coconut

Coconut, the third youngest member of the Minaduki family’s Neko clan, often receives compliments for her “cool” demeanor.

However, deep down, she yearns to possess a cuteness that surpasses her coolness. Plagued by a sense of inadequacy stemming from her clumsiness and self-perceived lack of talents, Coconut battles with low self-esteem.


Desperately wanting to emulate her older sisters and not burden Kashou and the other catgirls, she consistently strives to exceed her capabilities.

Yet, beneath her façade, it becomes evident that Coconut is attempting to mold herself into someone she is not.

As a Maine Coon, she grapples with her own identity, grappling with the tension between her genuine self and the persona she believes she must embody.

25. Alicia Rue

licia Rue, a notable figure in Sword Art Online, assumes dual roles as the leader of the Cait Sith clan and a cat girl within the game.

When a Salamander assault jeopardizes negotiations between the Sylphs and Cait Siths, Kirito steps in to safeguard Alicia. With his acquired funds, he defeats Eugene, the Salamander champion, backing Alicia’s faction.

Alicia Rue

To show her gratitude, Alicia Rue teams up with her friend Sakuya, the Sylph clan chief, for a joint expedition.

Their mission is to conquer the formidable “Great Quest” in ALfheim Online, ascending the unattainable World Tree pinnacle to rescue Asuna.

In the movie Ordinal Scale, Alicia Rue remains a devoted player of Sword Art Online, expressing reservations about the new virtual reality game.

She unites with Eugene and allies to face the immensely powerful Boss of the 100th Tier in New Aincrad.

26. Rem Galleu

Rem Galleu, a prominent female character in the anime series “How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord,” takes on the role of a cat girl.

Hailing from the enigmatic “Pantherian” race, a hybrid blend of humans and feline demons, she possesses incredible summoning abilities as a level 40 summoner.

Rem Galleu

Through her summoning prowess, she has forged contracts with a total of seven formidable beasts. Unveiled later in the story, it came to light that her lineage bore the ancient soul of the Demon King, Krebskulm, passed down through successive generations.

Rem, too, inherited this formidable power from her mother, propelling her to seek methods of surmounting its influence.

Thus, with the intent of overcoming her inner struggle, she called upon the aid of Diablo. Together with Edelgard, Rem succeeded in extracting the essence of the Demon King.

27. Himari Noihara

Himari Noihara, the main female character in the anime series Omamori Himari, is a shapeshifting demon cat called a bakeneko.

She becomes Yuto’s bodyguard, assigned to defend him against ayakashi threats. Himari earned the title of the Crimson Blade of Noihara due to her exceptional sword skills.

Himari Noihara

While she sees herself as “the sword that protects Yuto,” she also fears that her awakening powers might lead Yuto to eliminate her.

Nevertheless, Himari deeply loves Yuto and often flirts with him, causing frustration for Rinko. Despite her affectionate nature, Himari takes her role as a bodyguard seriously and is fully devoted to keeping Yuto safe.

28. Millianna

Millianna, a cherished childhood friend of Erza from their time at Heaven’s Tower, adores cats and Happy.

After being liberated from Gerald and the Tower of Heaven, she forgoes joining Fairy Tail to embark on a world tour.


However, following her seven-year hiatus, she eventually joins the ranks of Mermaid Heel. Her purpose in aligning with this guild is to exact vengeance upon Jellal, faithfully following the lead of Kagura.

During the third day of the grand magic tournament, Millianna participates in the “Pandemonium” event, securing 3 points for her team.

These points are added to the 10 earned through her fierce battle against Semus of the Quattro Toutous team. On the fourth day, she, along with Kagura, Leon Bastia, and Yūka from Lamia Scale, confronts their opponents.

Initially facing both adversaries alone, Millianna is overcome by Leon’s formidable ice magic.

29. Karyl (Kyaru)

Kyaru, a captivating member of the Beast Race in Princess Connect! Re: Dive, stands out with her long, black hair featuring a striking white streak in her bangs and enchanting green eyes.

Despite her tsundere tendencies and frequent complaints about Pecorine, Kyaru unwaveringly follows her lead, showcasing her spirited nature with a sharp tongue and a mix of anger and fluster.


However, Kyaru’s upbringing was plagued by her family’s extreme mindset on familial bonds, leaving her devoid of affection and forcing her to suppress her emotions.

Despite striving to become a prodigy, her efforts were in vain. Her mother, determined to restore their family’s position, isolated Kyaru by instigating scandals at school.

30. Neko

Neko, a 16-year-old girl and a being known as Shiro’s cat, possesses a youthful demeanor.

Her remarkable ability lies in the creation of illusions, enabling her to transform her appearance, disappear from sight, manipulate surroundings, and even tamper with individuals’ memories.


Neko harnesses sensory interference to manipulate the perceptions of others, making them believe their environment has undergone alterations.

Bound by a profound attachment to Shiro, she unwaveringly dedicates herself to his protection, going to extraordinary lengths to ensure his safety.

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31. Tsumiki Miniwa

Tsumiki, the central character in “Shiro’s Cat,” possesses a petite and delicate figure. Her demeanor is an intriguing blend of Tsundere and Kuudere traits.

On the surface, she displays a robust, sarcastic, and aloof attitude, while harboring a tender and affectionate nature within.

Tsumiki Miniwa

Tsumiki’s heart beats passionately for Io, her beloved. Whenever Io pats her head or when Tsumiki encounters something she finds endearing, she undergoes a whimsical transformation, sprouting adorable cat ears.

Remarkably, Tsumiki wields unexpected strength despite her diminutive size, often witnessed at the expense of Mayoi, a fellow character.

32. Koneko Toujou

Koneko, a charming little girl in first grade, serves as the adorable high school mascot in High School DxD. As Rias’ “Tower,” she possesses extraordinary physical strength and unwavering defense.

Regarded as a Tsundere in the realm of Japanese animation, Koneko tends to be reticent and harbors a strained relationship with Issei.

Koneko Toujou

However, in the third season, Koneko appears to grow more comfortable around Issei after his encounter with Kuroka.

On occasions like train rides, she even finds solace in resting against him. Towards the season’s end, Koneko exhibits a more relaxed demeanor, going as far as offering certain intimate services to the hero to demonstrate her equality.

33. Neferpitou

Neferpitou, a Chimera Ant known for defying gender norms with a feline appearance, possesses extraordinary powers as a royal guard and “Nen” Specialist.

It mercilessly kills Kaito but resurrects him using its Hatsu ability, controlling him like a puppet.


Even the mighty Hunter Association president, Netero, recognizes Neferpitou’s immense strength. When Komugi, the king’s protégé, is fatally injured, Neferpitou saves her with its healing skills.

However, Gon demands Kaito’s revival, leading to a confrontation. In a fit of rage, Gon undergoes a transformation, overpowering Neferpitou.

34. Blair

With her irresistible allure and alluring figure, Blair exudes a mesmerizing charm, characteristic of most cat girls.

Initially mistaken for a witch due to her human-like form, Blair makes her memorable entrance in the prologue alongside Soul and Maka, who unintentionally end her life.


However, she is no ordinary feline; Blair possesses magical abilities and frequently indulges in references to the witches’ festival.

Blair finds herself irresistibly drawn to Soul and becomes a resident in his and Maka’s abode.

She thrives on lighthearted amusement, splurging on extravagant lingerie purchases and harboring a fondness for fish.

Her repertoire of spells revolves around Halloween and pumpkins, adding a touch of enchantment to her cat-like persona.

While her role may not be central to the Soul Eater sequel, Blair proves her worth by providing valuable assistance in battles against the Mizune and the enigmatic Wandering Dutchman.

35. Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi Shihōin, initially portrayed as a black cat with a male voice in the manga is later revealed to be a woman.

She served as the former commander of special operations and captain of the 2nd division.

Additionally, she holds the esteemed position of the 22nd head of the Shihōin family, a noble lineage within the Soul Society.

Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi fled Soul Society following Kisuke Urahara’s banishment. Notably, she has never been witnessed engaging in combat with her Zanpakutō.

In her feline form, she is widely acknowledged as Kisuke Urahara’s closest companion and confidante.

36. Taruto

The title alone suggests that the central figure is the main character. This petite feline girl holds the belief that she is a princess hailing from a distant realm.

Taruto’s passion for exploration often leads to inadvertent mischief. With a touch of conventionality, she charmingly concludes her sentences with the endearing sound of “nya.”


37. Sasahara Natsuki

Sasahara, the protagonist of the classic series Hyper Police, embodies the life of a destitute bounty hunter.

As a nekomata—a unique blend of human and monster—she navigates the enigmatic realm that harmoniously houses both creatures.

Sasahara Natsuki

In this extraordinary existence where humans and monsters coexist, Sasahara emerges as a benevolent spirit, consistently safeguarding the vulnerable.

Despite her own struggles, she exudes kindness and compassion, epitomizing the quintessential hero.

38. Yuni/Cure Cosmo

Yuni, known as Cure Cosmo, is a feline heroine in a precure series who prefers to operate independently rather than collaborate with her fellow precures.

Her choice stems from a profound sense of guilt over her inability to protect her home planet, Rainbow.

Cure Cosmo

Consequently, she declines assistance from her comrades. Nevertheless, beneath her aloof demeanor, Yuni possesses a compassionate nature and derives immense joy from aiding those in need.

39. Petit Charat

Puchiko, also called Dejiko’s comrade from Di Gi Charat, is a serene feline girl. Despite her reticence, her words hold unpredictable power, causing occasional verbal blunders.

A typical cat girl characteristic is her tendency to conclude sentences with a cat-inspired utterance, like “nyu.”

Petit Charat 

40. Dejiko

Dejiko, hailing from planet Di Gi Charat, stands as a stark contrast to Puchiko. Brimming with vivacity and exuberance, she radiates a boisterous and jubilant aura.

Dejiko’s aspirations soar high, for she yearns to pursue a career as an idol. Much like her companion Puchiko, she concludes her sentences with a feline-inspired utterance, commonly known as “nyo.”


41. Momomiya Ichigo

She embodies a feline-human fusion known as Mew Mew Strawberry, leading an extraordinary team of girls infused with rare animal DNA.

Together, they form Tokyo Mew Mew, safeguarding the city against all threats. As the protagonist, she shares the typical traits of main characters, effectively capturing our attention.

Momomiya Ichigo 

42. Hanekawa Tsubasa

Hanekawa’s cat girl manifestation emerges from overwhelming stress, serving as a result of its accumulation beyond her capacity.

Endowed with the power to electrocute others, this feline entity demonstrates profound concern for her human counterpart.

Hanekawa Tsubasa

Willing to self-sacrifice for the sake of safeguarding her from harm, the cat girl ardently yearns for her own happiness to be realized in due course.