UPDF | Best Free Tool To Edit PDF On Windows

Published on September 6th, 2022

Do you need to make changes to a PDF file? The top free PDF editors provide a means to edit Portable Document Format files without incurring any costs.

You can’t anticipate the same level of sophistication as you would with a premium PDF editor, though.

When used occasionally, the capabilities offered by most free PDF editors—namely, the ability to generate and modify PDF files—are more than sufficient.

You should invest in one of the top PDF editors if you intend to often create and edit PDF files because these programs also allow you to merge, sign, and convert PDFs to other file formats.

When it comes to features, the best free PDF editors usually stick to the basics but may surprise you with some extra options. The same is the case with UPDF. Let’s discuss it in detail.

UPDF – Being The Best PDF Editing Tool On Windows

UPDF is among the most well-known and widely used free PDF editors that can be found on the internet. It is not like any other standard PDF reader or editor; instead, it enables you to edit your PDF files using the most recent and effective technologies.

Using UPDF does not require any prior experience or knowledge of technology. It is friendly to users and simple to use.

When we are talking about the features of UPDF, then it is realistic to claim that it is the all-in-one answer to all of your PDF problems.

It gives you the ability to edit, convert, annotate, organize, sign, and share your PDF files. Because you may test out all of these features without spending any money by utilizing the UPDF application, all of these claims should be taken seriously.

The fact that UPDF is compatible with all of today’s most popular operating systems—Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android— it represents itself being one of the program’s strongest selling points.

In the not-too-distant future, users of UPDF will have access to a significant number of additional new features.

UPDF PDF Editing Tool

How to Edit Text in PDF?

  1. You’ll need to get UPDF on your computer, then import your PDF file into it.
  2. PDF documents have an “Edit” button in the main menu’s center that lets you make changes to the text. Now you may modify the text simply. You may change elements like the font, size, color, bold, italic, etc. of the text. UPDF’s text editing features are similar to those of Microsoft Word.
  3. UPDF allows you to do more than just change text; you can also add or remove pages. On the toolbar, you’ll find the “+Text” icon for just such a purpose. If you click that button, you’ll be able to type directly into the PDF. You have the option of changing the font as well.

How to Edit Image in PDF?

The following is a list of the steps that you may follow to edit the photos in your PDF file.

Tool To Edit PDF On Windows

  1. To get started, launch UPDF and open some PDF files. To continue editing, you will need to return to the top of the page and click the Edit button.
  2. Now, choose a photo from the PDF that you wish to edit and click on it. You can edit the photo in a variety of ways by either right-clicking on it or hovering your cursor over it, both of which will bring up a menu of available options.
  3. A single click on the image gives you the option to crop, rotate, remove, extract, or copy it.
  4. You also have the option of adding a picture by clicking the button that says “adding an image.”
  5. You have just completed the process of editing an image with the UPDF – free PDF editor.

Other Features of UPDF

The following are the most important features of UPDF:

  • Using UPDF any PDF file can have its text edited, its font changed, or additional pictures added to it.
  • Your data will always be safe and secure thanks to the built-in security mechanism that UPDF provides.
  • It enables you to annotate PDF files in a variety of ways, including highlighting, underlining, adding comments and shapes, and so on.
  • Using UPDF, you may edit photos in PDF files or add new ones.
  • Using this cost-free PDF editor, you may view and arrange PDF pages.
  • You can also digitally sign your PDF and share it with your friends using a URL or as an attachment to an email.
  • It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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