Get To Know How Soda PDF Is Better Than Other PDF Applications

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March 19th, 2018   |   Updated on March 15th, 2019

Soda PDF is an internet tool for PDF files that can be used from the browser on a desktop application. It is an all in one application that can help your view, review and edit PDF files quite efficiently and easily. It can be used to view the PDF’s; some basic editing can also be done to change the files, convert them and much more.

How Is Soda PDF better than other similar applications?

Soda PDF have the desktop version, online version and a version that can run on your mobile phone. These versions are created to make this application user-friendly. This is the reason why they call it Soda PDF Anywhere because anyone can use it anywhere without facing any difficulty. This is why the basic gist of the Soda PDF interface as compared to many other such applications is known to be quite efficient and simple in use.

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The Features Comparison of Soda PDF and other PDF Applications

How Soda PDF is more user-friendly than other PDF applications can be proved only if we see some of its common features that other PDF applications also offer, but Soda PDF offers them with more ease of use.

Homepage Display

The homepage of the Soda PDF will display the recent documents that you have added to it or may have opened up in the recent past. You will find these files on the desktop. It is of great help for people who frequently read stuff and then come back after some time to continue reading. There is no fatigue of going back to the folders to open that particular PDF, as is faced in case of other such applications.

Tabs for Multiple PDF Files

Another feature of the homepage of the Soda PDF is that it offers the user to open multiple windows to view and read. This also helps the user to avoid the irritable switching from one PDF to other as it happens in other cases that open PDF’s in different windows.

Advance Text Modification Options

It is possible that you can add and modify the text to the soda pdf files. You have to make sure that you have activated the edit mode. This is a very unusual feature of Soda PDF that helps its users to add, remove or modify the original text of the document. Also, Soda PDF will save this modified document in another Soda PDF file so that you may not lose the original version.

This feature is exclusive to Soda PDF, that means, no other PDF application offer this feature. The most you can do through other PDF applications is to highlight the text or add a comment. This level of modification and with so much ease and efficiency are not seen anywhere else.

All these and many more features of Soda PDF have resulted in its immense popularity among users. Professionals are more excited about Soda PDF because they need this level of efficiency that, except Soda PDF, no other PDF application provide them.