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12 Gifts For Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day


Published on January 30th, 2019

For those who are in love or a part of a steady relationship, it is that time of the year. Yes, love is in the air and the next month will come with the magical festival i.e. Valentine’s day.

But for men, each year figuring out a unique gift to give to their special someone requires a lot of brain racking. Even after that the chances of your girlfriend not liking your gift are pretty high.

To avoid this situation to arise for you we have carefully compiled a list of 12 Valentine’s Day gift which is unique and created for your love partner. These gifts have been picked up after much scrutiny and would surely put a smile on her face.


1. Hoodie Pillowcase

Hoodie Pillowcase

Experience the ultimate in hoodie comfort with these hooded pillowcases. Perfect for lounging around and able to fit any standard size pillow, these hoodie pillowcases will wrap you up in a cocoon of comfort, warmth, and all around awesomeness.

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2. Back Massage Robot

Back Massage Robot

Kick back and let your cares and concerns melt away while the back massage robot does its thing. This small palm-size gadget gently lulls you into a state of total relaxation by walking all over your back while massaging you with up to three different settings.

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3. Inflatable Back Pillow

Inflatable Back Pillow

Relax at the beach without carrying around a bulky lounger chair with these inflatable back pillows. Perfect for the outdoors where seating just isn’t up to par such as picnics or at the beach, these inflatable pillows can be arranged in multiple positions for optimum comfort.

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4. Hands Free iPad Stand

Hands Free iPad Stand

Watch movies or read books hands free on your iPad  while you lie down on your bed with this hands free iPad stand. Able to be mounted anywhere, this 360 degree swiveling iPad stand has endless applications such as displaying recipes will you cook dinner.

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5. Boyfriend Body Pillow

Boyfriend Body Pillow

This snuggle pillow will always be a shoulder for you to lie and cry on. This pillow is machine washable, includes the removable t-shirt, and also is a great neck pillow. Makes a great gift for the constantly neglected forever aloners or girls on the rebound.

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6. Baby Carrying Jacket

Baby Carrying Jacket

Carry your newly born baby with ease thanks to the Peekaru hands free baby carrying jacket. The Peekaru is a cool gift idea for parents who live active lifestyles and want the ease of carrying around their baby while still being able to use their hands freely.

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7. iPhone Speaker Amplifier Stand

iPhone Speaker Amplifier Stand

The iPhone speaker amplifier stand is a device that attaches to your iPhone and boosts the sound levels by 13 decibels without requiring any battery use, just good old fashioned acoustical science. It also doubles as phone stand so you can watch movies and shows.

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8. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This high quality and super detailed camera lens is actually a coffee mug you can drink out of! The camera lens coffee mug is a great gift for photography enthusiasts, and will surely turn many heads when people see you drinking out of it.

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9. Pug Face Shirt

pug-face-shirt1-640x533 - Valentine's Day Gifts

You didn’t choose the Pug Life, the Pug Life chose you. And now with the Pug face shirt you can command the attention of all the female dogs in the room while wearing this shirt. But if pugs aren’t your fancy, you can also get Labrador, Bulldog, or kitten style shirts.

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10. Wedge Pillow

Wedge Pillow

Experience a new level of bedside comfort with the wedge pillow. This multi-use pillow can be positioned in a variety of different ways, so you can use it to read a book, watch TV, or even get into some advanced sexual positions if you’re into that sort of thing.

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11. Face Down Tanning Chair

Face Down Tanning Chair - Valentine's Day Gifts

Achieve an even tan along your backside while you enjoy a good read with the face down tanning chair. The special opening on the chair allows you to comfortably lay face down without having to deal with sand getting on all over your face.

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12. Baby Speaker System

Baby Speaker System - Valentine's Day Gifts

Get your unborn child accustomed to the voices that’ll be nagging him for the rest of his live using the baby speaker system. The specially designed earbuds attach to the belly and will transmit both music and recordings of your choosing.

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