4 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Car Insurance

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November 22nd, 2018   |   Updated on July 12th, 2022

Vehicles are an expensive affair. But so are vehicle accidents if you don’t have the correct car insurance. Car insurance is mandatory in most of the cities in the USA.

But smart drivers buy a car insurance as soon as they get a car not just because of legal obligation but because it ensures financial security in case of any mishap. However, getting the right car insurance can be a pickle of a job.

There are many mistakes people commonly make while buying a car insurance that can prove to be very costly. It takes a diligent effort to avoid them and save yourself from a lot of legal as well as financial trouble.

Here Are Some Of Them:

1. Considering Premium Cost As The Deciding Factor

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There are many things that play a part in making a car insurance the right fit for you. Fixating only on the cost of the premiums can lead you to cause major blunders in buying the insurance policy for your vehicle.

Other factors like the coverage offered, deductibles, accident forgiveness should also be considered before finalizing on anything.

Cheap premiums may save you money in a; Let’s face it, insurance company short-term, but can prove to be very expensive if you did not opt for a policy with sound coverage.

Your out of pocket expenses will be much more if you are unable to claim your insurance that the amount you save from cheaper premiums.


2. Not Looking Around Before Finalizing

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Car Insurance is a serious thing and a long-term commitment. It is only suitable that you check around and window shop asking for quotes from various insurance companies before buying a policy.

Many people wrongly assume that the rates and policies are the same are the same for a particular vehicle and related record regardless of the company.

It is like believing every company has the same price for a collared green shirt size XL. Not true, right? It isn’t true for car insurance as well.


3. Hiding Facts About Your Driving or Claim History

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One of the biggest mistakes people make while buying an insurance is hiding facts from the insurance company. The primary reason why people do this is to get better premium options on their insurance.

But in a long run, it is bound to do the exact opposite of saving you some insurance money. Let’s face it, insurance companies would try to find out any detail that lets them be not liable to pay your claim anymore.

And they have a team of experts on their side. It is thus highly likely that they will find out about the facts anyway. Hiding facts from them is essentially giving them a loophole to exploit and not pay you your dues.


4. Not Asking For Offers And Discounts

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It is a big misconception that offers do not make much difference in car insurance. Discounts and offers save you big amounts in a long run. Ask your insurance companies for the discounts and offers they provide and see if you are eligible for any of them. If you are, it would be a big mistake to not take advantage.

These common and yet very expensive mistakes can be avoided with a little attention and some expert advice. Keep your records clear and detailed in order to avoid any ambiguity or grey area in the records. It increases your chances of getting your claims when required more easily. A little assiduity goes a long way. You need to ask important questions to find out more about vehicle insurance cover in the United States.