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Top 5 Advice For Aspiring Designers

Study Adequately

May 1st, 2019   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2023

Looking to embark on a career in design? There is a high demand for good design in today’s day and age which is brilliant news for designers, but it does mean that it can also be highly competitive.

This can make it challenging for those that are just getting started on a career in design, but there are a few steps to take which could help you to get your foot in the door and find valuable experience early on.

It is crucial for laying the groundwork for success in this industry. With this in mind, here are a few tips for those looking to start a career in design.

1. Study

Study group in a library

Studying the area of design that interests you is important because it will teach you the necessary skills that you need and provide you with a qualification that will help your resume to stand out from the crowd.


2. Immerse Yourself Online

The internet is an excellent resource for the design industry. There are endless websites, online communities, podcasts and more all dedicated to design. Immerse yourself in this world to stay afloat on the latest trends, engage with fellow designers and find inspiration.


3. Build A Portfolio


The key to finding success in the design industry is to have an extensive, varied and modern portfolio. This can, of course, be tricky when first starting so you may have to use projects from your course, designs that you have done in your spare time and perhaps free projects, to begin with.

Make sure that you have an online portfolio which is attractive, easy to navigate and contains information on your background and skill set.


4. Use The Latest Tools

The design world is one which is ever changing. Therefore, if you are to secure work in this industry, either as a freelance designer or working for an agency, you need to be familiar with the latest tools and software.

This includes PCB software which allows you to quickly, easily and accurately design 3D printed circuit boards. You can easily find a competitively priced PCB design tool online which will help you to sharpen your skills and improve your abilities.


5. Network

Networking And Groups

As with most industries, the best way to find success is to create a large network of people in the design world. This should include attending any industry events and introducing yourself as well as creating a strong online presence.

You should have a website which contains your portfolio along with professional social media channels. Do not shy away from asking someone that you meet for help or if they know of anyone looking for a designer – confidence is crucial for opening doors.

The design industry is one which is booming right now, and it can be a fun, rewarding and valuable field to work in. It is also competitive and hard to get your foot in the door when you first start out. The information in this post should give you the knowledge and confidence to embark on a career in design and find experience early on.