9 Factors That Can Help You Find The Perfect House

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Published on April 20th, 2019

Buying a house is an emotional moment for everyone. After all, that will become your home where you all will make your favorite memories. But while purchasing a house, thinking only with emotions won’t work.

You must be practical and look at every factor that is critical while searching for a dream house. While I was looking for flats in Jaipur, I took some really important factors into consideration that I will be sharing here.

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Here are some factors that can help you find the perfect house that you won’t regret later:


1. Budget

The most important factor that you need to consider before beginning with house hunting is the budget. Figure out your assets and their value and so on. Find out some great insurance and investors.

Estimate what down payment amount you can afford to pay and what mortgage you will have to pay. Once you do this, make a budget; trust me it will help you search for a house more properly.


2. Single-Family Home Or Condo

Condos don’t require much maintenance. They usually have people who take care and maintain the property like roof replacement or so on. It will require you to pay some amount as part of a community.

Single homes/houses will provide you with freedom, and you can customize them any way you like. But yeah, all the responsibility of maintaining the property will be yours.


3. School Districts Near Your New Home

It doesn’t matter whether you currently have kids or not, this is something you should check. In the future, when you do have kids, it will be important. Moreover, schools affect the property value, so considering this, and researching about the school is a must.


4. What You Need/expect In/from Your New House

Every one of us has a lifestyle which is different from others. While purchasing your dream house, make sure, you buy something that goes with your style and comfort. It should of course also be in your budget.

So, evaluate the number of bathrooms, rooms you will require; how big your kitchen needs to be and so on. All this seems trivial, but it is critical when it comes to living comfortably with your family.


5. Find A Realtor You Can Trust

Having a good realtor who you can trust is a necessity when it comes to finding a great place. A savvy real- estate agent can help you with negotiating prices and guide through the home inspection and so on. Also, sites like Mahima Group can also help you find your dream home.


6. Living With Convents Rules

Every society or building has some convent, and you have to pay some fees with the mortgage for that. It provides you with benefits like community centers, pool, gym, shopping centers and maintenance and so on.

But it also comes to some restrictive rules like the look of the house, windows coverings and so on. Make sure you know about them before you buy or finalize the deal and are okay with it.


7. Buy For The Future

Purchasing a house is a big investment, which means that you need to be sure what you buy is what you want.

Buying a house that fits your current lifestyle is not ideal. You have to think about other stuff like whether your job location will change or not, getting married or having kids and so on.

Figure out these things and then start looking at houses. If you are planning to move away, buying a small house for investing is better than buying a bungalow.


8. While Thinking Of Changes, Think More Than Just Paints

When you finalize a house, there are a lot of things that you plan to change to give it a look you want. Changing paint or wallpaper is financially sound, but if you plan to change the look of a kitchen or a room, it will cost you much more.

As the cost of labor will make it expensive, if you want to repair major issues, go for it. To change the look, first, find better affordable options.


9. Decide If You Want To Buy House In A New Building Or Buy An Old House

By New apartments and flats and home are always a good option as you can easily renovate them telling your views.

You can modify some aspects of the house according to your will, and since the building is still building, the overall cost will cover it with some minor fluctuations.

But when you buy a historic house or buy a move-in flat, renovations can be a problem. Remodeling can take a lot of time, so if you have that time, then only move in.

Once you consider and go through all these factors, you will be ready to buy your home.

Buying a house is an important financial decision, take ample of time and make the right choices.