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6 Ways To Use Tea To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Sip Some Green Tea

April 25th, 2019   |   Updated on March 4th, 2020

We always love and pamper our self with lots of love and care. These self caring topics always come up with spending thousands of rupees in the parlor and in hair salon. When we are thinking for an alternative solution for these self caring products, we can consider our very own homely product Tea.

Yes, you have heard it right! The simple ingredient which is found in everyone’s kitchen has a number of beauty benefits. While speaking of tea it includes green, black and also red tea. This idea of using tea as a product to enhance our beauty naturally is used since olden days by our ancestors. It is mostly used in Asian and Eastern Countries.


1. Removes Eye Tiredness And Dark Circles

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Eyes are the most important feature in our face. It brings out all the charisma in our body and mind. Also, one should agree that eyes are the most delicate and sensitive part of the human body. It gets easily affected by the light radiation and also when we strain our eyes too much, in front of televisions, systems and mobile devices. Our eyes will get tired and develop a dark circle around the eyes.

To get rid of this tiredness, puffiness and Dark Circles around our eyes, we can make use of Tea. We can make use of used tea bags for this purpose. Green tea can do better jobs in correcting our eyes. Otherwise, soak two cotton pads in Luke warm water with a pinch of green tea and then keep the soaked eye pads on your eyes. Let it to rest on your eyes for 20 minutes. This will bring very good and fast results.


2. It Helps Out People With Dry Skin

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People who have dry skin can use green tea and normal tea powder for moisturizing their dry skin. Take some water with pinch of tea powder or leaves, bring it to boil. Then with the help of cotton pad clean your skin with this water. It will bring out all the impurities from the skin and it also helps to clog the large open pores in our skin.


3. Acts As A Natural Hair Dye

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For people who hates to spend thousands of money in coloring their hair. There is an alternative; people can use stained tea for dying our hair. This will leave a shade of blonde or brunette looks for our hair naturally. It is also proved that tea also strengthens our hair and promotes hair growth.


4. Makes Our Hair Shiny

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Everyone wants shiny hair and the hair which looks super healthy and shines. Inspite of using costly shampoo, conditioners and other hair products, we can use tea for promoting hair growth. After washing our hair properly with our regular hair products we can use the tea bag soaked water for finally rinsing our hair at the end, for best results.
5. Cold Compress reduces sun burn

In the good beach day if we got our skin sun burned, we can easily remove the sun burn by using tea. We have to prepare a cold compress by using the tea. This compress should be put on the affected area. It will reduce the sun burn and it also reduces the irritation of the burned skin.


6. Getting Rid Of Stinky Feet

hands and feet are the main massage points

Everyone wants their feet to look fresh and smell fresh. So it is right time to throw off your socks and shoes and put down your feet in the cold water prepared from the tea solution and let it rest for about 10 minutes. The tea naturally contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, which helps to kill all the micro organisms and germs from our feet to look and feel fresh with a pleasant smell.


Wrapping Up

When it comes to beauty and skin products, most of the people always want to use naturally available skin products. Yes, because these natural products won’t cause any damage to our skin. In this case tea is such an amazing product which is naturally available, cost efficient and has many health and beauty benefits to our skin. Nowadays many artificial skin care products with tea flavor are available, but still naturally available tea will be best choice among all the products.

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