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Women In The Driver’s Seat

Tips On Distracted Driving

March 28th, 2019   |   Updated on June 24th, 2019

The jokes about women drivers are no longer funny, thanks to positive changes within the society and feminist movements. Nowadays, more and more women become the driving school students which follows with owning a vehicle or looking for the best car rentals in Las Vegas or elsewhere when going to another city. Still, is there any difference whatsoever between male and female drivers when it comes to numbers or preferences?

Battle of Stats

Tips On Distracted Driving

It is only recently that the number of young female applying for a driver license outweighed the number of male applicants. However, the renting service stats still shows the usual domination: around 80 % of car rental users are males. Why so?

The answer can’t be simple. In some countries like Saudi Arabia, it has been only recently that it was allowed the women to drive. The statistics changes in the cities where public transportation should’ve been better, like Las Vegas, Nevada. Regardless of your gender, when in this city, you have to drive to get to the best places of interest.

Obviously, it can be done in the most appropriate way if to rent a car that will make you feel comfortable and secure.

Find here the best car rental companies in Las Vegas airport. And it will become one more unforgettable part of your adventure whatever the gender. But another confusing issue is that even the number of women at the wheel of the rented vehicle is significantly lower and are rarely mentioned in papers or car rental reviews.


Do Women Need It Different?

The one-size-fits-all rule doesn’t apply when choosing the vehicle, and there are some trends and differences in the way men and women approach the car-owning/renting issue. These are some of them.


The Way It Goes

There is a statistics among the rental service providers about what type of vehicle is usually booked by women. When looking for the best car rental deals Las Vegas airport, the majority of female drivers prefer small, easy-to-operate vehicle rather than the ones that need above average physical strength to navigate.

Women rarely book cars with manual gears because they consider it a less practical and safe way of changing speed.


The Way It Is Viewed

Advice For Traveling9

An automobile might be a necessity or a status thing for some people. Sometimes, though, this is one of the tools to make a party unforgettable or stick to the classic image of getting around to the place.

The combos like a limo and Los Angeles? New York City and yellow cabs? Remember the movies about partying way too hard bachelor/bachelorette or prom parties around the party kingdom like Las Vegas? The posh way to stand out with your event is to rent a limo at a car rental in Vegas, take a ride to the best clubs and casinos, and usually, it’s women who order it. At least, this is what Instagram hashtag says.


The Way It Looks

Even though the women are less likely to buy/rent the car that stands out of the crowd in terms of the performance or design, these are the points they mention when giving feedback. When scrolling Sixt car rental Las Vegas reviews feed, what will draw the attention is that the female reviewers highlight the appearance issues rather than the performance.


The Way It Was Designed

As it turned out, the more women are involved in the car manufacturing process, the more likely is that this car will be purchased by women.

For example, around 60 % of the owners of Land Rover Evoque special edition that was designed in collaboration with Victoria Beckham, are women. Who knows, maybe this is solidarity with the women in the automotive industry or male buyers are not really into that rose-gold highlights and his-her luggage set.


The Way It Was Advertised

It’s a fact: women use social networks more than men which means that their decisions on buying or renting are more likely to be influenced. No wonder that chances of selling the car that Kylie Jenner drives will have more chances of being purchased. Most likely, by her rich she-follower.

Even though we are stepping out the box of gender-based stereotypes, the statistics prove that there are some differences between the male and female preferences when it comes to choosing a vehicle. But again, does it matter if you drive a high-end pink Cadillac because you want it and able to afford some extra luxury?