How Machine Learning And AI Is Changing The World

artificial intelligence

December 12th, 2018   |   Updated on December 18th, 2018

Technology has widely been accepted by us in some form or the other. From our television sets to cell phones, artificial intelligence has become an unsegmented part of our routine. With these rapid changes happening, its effects have been perceptible. Let’s throw some light upon how artificial intelligence or machine learning is changing the world as we know it. Do check our detailed guide how machine learning works.

1. Smart world


AI is making our world smarter. Better, technologically smarter. “Smart” television, “smart” phones, “smart” air-conditioners and more. Every appliance has become smarter, fit to serve us better. How? Just through AI.

From automatic changes in room temperature to reading out the daily news for you. Artificial intelligence has allowed these devices to take a step further and predict our behavior.


2. Secure world

Writing On Chinese Robotics Boom

There isn’t a day where we don’t find a criminal offense article in the newspaper. An unaccountable number of militants sacrifice their lives on the battlefield.

Hence, artificial intelligence is being integrated into robotics to substitute human lives with robotics. From fingerprints to facial recognition there are numerous ways developed for a more secure day to day life.


3. Medical World

artificial intelligence

Who could have imagined that a handicap may walk again? A simple scan of the body can detect the minute’s issues in the body?

Who could have imagined that medical science would take such a leap forward in no time? Artificial technology and machine learning have made it possible.

A militant who lost his legs found himself walking with these technologically advanced AI-powered metallic legs. The AI in these legs learned the movements of the guy and adapted itself seamlessly.


4. Business World

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From understanding consumer behavior to predicting recommendation of products, business is using data present out there to develop better more useful products for its customers.

Machine learning constantly derives customers feeds and develops a pattern that intern helps business to push their products. Artificial intelligence is successfully been implemented in business across sectors. There are robots that have begun to take over the work of a human, making production faster and efficient.


5. Social World

AI Is Changing The World

AI is also helping you get in touch with new and similar people. It is helping us socialize.

There are multiple applications and social media websites that make use of machine learning to find individuals of your similarity.

Now, this might sound like a stretch but with such a vast canvas the world is, it is important for us to find and meet new people. Artificial Intelligence is just doing that and making the world a more social place.


Artificial intelligence is simple to understand but difficult to develop. Accurate portrayal of AI in movies like “Her” makes us realize how we can so depend on technology.

Where it is such a help to us, we also need to understand that we cannot rely on machine learning completely.

These systems are developed to help us and not us replace us. Be careful with every device you use. Have a happy artificially driven world.