4 Amazing Benefits Of POS Systems In The Hospitality Industry


Published on December 12th, 2018

It should not be surprising that the preponderance of people don’t even know what a point of sale system is, despite interacting with it many times.

A lot of industry experts refer to the systems as unsung heroes of the retail sector. This is because they have made it possible for businesses and their customers to trade in an easy, smooth and efficient manner.

Below are advantages of hospitality pos systems Australia restaurants can enjoy.

1. POS Systems And Hospitality Industry


POS systems are particularly useful in the hospitality industry where quick, efficient and quality services are inherent.

The systems give hospitality entrepreneurs the chance to efficiently manage their trade through equipment and software specifically designed to handle retail business processes electronically.

Are you among the uninitiated? Well, you must have seen the electronic cash registers at the checkout terminal in your local grocery. Using such a system comes with numerous benefits.


2. Comprehensive Reports


The basic feature with any point of sale system is the ability to store more information, faster than an outmoded cash register would do.

The system comes with a facility to pull out any information from any point of the trade directly via the central hub.

This hub is linked to all inventory business data; hence pulling out reports on the fly regarding items, sales, time log among others.


3. Quick Checkout Speeds

The system predominantly employs barcode scanning and similar features. Therefore, modifying and completing transactions is done at lightning speeds. In comparison to the traditional methods of completing transactions, you will be sure to see the transactional time differences.

The typical UPC length is 12 characters. A keyboard entry will take approximately 6 seconds while scanning a bar code takes about 2 seconds. It is obvious that this new system is faster and makes it easier to access data. With features such as void or no sale and refunds being a click away, the system is undoubtedly unmatched.


4. Precise Reports


When dealing with extensive inventories, accuracy is one of the most important factors to consider. A single mistake can easily translate into a blunder. The proverb ‘error is to human’, has not been disapproved by anyone to this day. With a POS system, your database and calculations are nearly 100% accurate. In fact, unless your machine malfunctions, there is no room for any fraction of error in your calculations.


5. Quick Facts

According to studies, keying details via keyboard by the most experienced cashiers usually has one error in about 300 characters. Now compare this with a POS system that has an error in approximately 15,000 to 36 trillion of scanned characters. Yet again, these margins of error are often hinged on the type of barcode.

Therefore, besides the mistakes made on the traditional check out systems, they often incur the additional costs of correcting the errors as well as possibilities of erroneous final reports. And when it comes to changing the prices of items, traditional methods call for making changes at every place your data is stored.

Undoubtedly, these are just a few of the many gains hospitality pos systems Australia restaurants can benefit.