Apps For Short News – The Trend Is About To Arrive

Apps For Short News

Published on February 11th, 2021

Human beings are curious by nature, and nothing interests them more than to get knowledge of what is happening around them.

In the recent past, especially with the remarkable evolution of mobile app technology, there has been a change in the consumers’ news consumption habits. As a result, there is a steep rise in the number of news apps.

In addition, the outburst of coronavirus has also made people use news apps extensively. To get information about the pandemic and its spread, specially designed news apps rendering short news read to their consumers are on rage. Such apps kept the users updated about all the recent progress.

Convenient to use and the quality of content are the two main reasons behind the rise in demand for short news apps as traditional broadcast news agencies serve more crap than facts to their viewers.

Besides, news apps serve their consumers more personalized by providing them with the news related to their interest areas.

Apart from providing personalized content, apps for short news, as their name suggests, deliver content quickly, crisp yet immersive.

We need no rocket science to understand that the modern-day human’s attention space is on the reducing scale and is as low as less than 15 seconds.

With the ever reducing attention space due to a large amount of data and information we consume daily, it is almost impossible to read long-form news articles.

Thus, we see a steep rise in the usage of quick news apps worldwide, and this rising trend is here to stay.

Note: We can list out some famous News app example >

The Most Popular News App In Market

  • Google News
  • The Week
  • SmartNews
  • The New York Times
  • News360
  • Knewz
  • Dailyhunt
  • Inshorts
  • Fox News
  • News Break
  • Yahoo News

Factors Impacting The Rise Of The Short News Apps

Apart from reducing attention span and overconsumption of data, the other major factor playing a significant role in the rise of the short news apps is ‘time crunch.’ We will analyze more such factors below.

The Urge Of Being Updated

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In the fast-paced life, getting information on the go is more of a necessity than a luxury. Moreover, the uncertainty caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has compelled the users to rely on news applications more than ever before.

The data clearly shows that tiny news apps’ consumption rose steeply when the lockdown took holdover.

Short news apps don’t beat around the bush with jargon and unrelated pictures and focus on rendering the gist and high points of the news straightforwardly.

Moreover, the apps use push notifications to highlight the information in a few characters. Reading the push notification, the user will get an idea of whether they want to read the entire news or glance through the push notification on the home screen of their smartphone.

The short news apps can also work like apps for news glance as it uses catchy headlines on their push notification to hold the interest of the consumer and provide them the necessary information.

Keeping Consumer Interest On A Priority

The short news mobile apps make the optimal use of technologies like AI and ML and render the user news information according to their tastes and likings.

When the consumer logins into the short news applications, the login asks them about their interests and the type of topics they would like to read.

It provides consumers freedom of choice in reading the content that they want to read. Apart from giving the news of their options, the news apps also show the highlights of the day and information about important events that happened during the day.

Moreover, using the latest graphical technology, short news apps render an immersive experience to the readers. It uses graphics and design to explain the facts that are easy to pursue.

Real-Time Updates

Unlike the television broadcast media and newspapers, the short news apps update their content in real-time to provide the latest available information to their consumers.

Moreover, as the consumers have these apps on their smartphones, they don’t have to wait for a specific bulletin like in the news channel or the next day for the newspaper to arrive. The fast-paced nature of the short apps makes them a class apart from their peers.

Also, there are dedicated apps for news headlines that are very popular. In demand, it summarizes the entire event into a particular set of characters, so the consumer has no problems understanding what has happened.

Moreover, the news apps let the consumer search news from recent to old, and its user-friendly interface rendering them a hassle-free experience.

On-Point And Clear

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Short news apps do serve their consumers crap, like their TV and broadcast counterparts. Moreover, they have the space to cover a more comprehensive range of news from politics, science, and sports to the lesser hidden things like the environment, regional information, and many more.

The news apps have a dedicated section for all the related topics, so the consumer doesn’t have to search aimlessly about their favorite subject and waste their time.

Also, unlike the present broadcast news platforms, the news apps do their research thoroughly and present facts instead of jargons or garbage in front of their consumers.


Short news apps are the future, and if they will play a defining role in changing the way consumers consume their content and how the news presenters write their report.

If you want to build an app for short news then you can check out some professional app development companies for your app project As we head into the times where mobile applications and smart phones will be used for anything and everything, the short news applications will allow the reader to choose from various options and read what they want to read.


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