Winning Training Resources To Ace Microsoft MS-202 Exam. How Exam Dumps Can Make The Difference?

Winning Training Resources To Ace Microsoft MS-202 Exam. How Exam Dumps Can Make The Difference

May 1st, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

The Microsoft MS-202 exam is intended for Messaging Administrators who want to validate their knowledge in deploying, managing, and troubleshooting mail protection and flow.

These professionals are also in charge of monitoring public folders both in the cloud and on-premises environments.

To get proof of their competencies, they can apply to the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate credential.

As the process to obtain this certification is not easy, we have created this article to tell you more about the training resources you can access to successfully pass MS-202 exam.

You will also discover more about Prepaway and how this website can help you obtain a passing score from the first attempt.

Now firstly, let’s understand the whole certification journey you are going to make.

Certification Path

Before takingMS-202 test and earning the related associate-level certification in Microsoft 365 for Messaging Administrator, exam-takers should have previously taken 70-345 exam, addressed to experts in design and deployment of Microsoft Exchange Server.

In case you didn’t pass that test, you have to take two other ones:

  • MS-200 for the planning and configuring messaging platforms
  • MS-201 for the implementation of a hybrid and secure messaging platform

Now, let’s move to the details of MS-202 exam which is also known as the Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator Certification Transition.

Microsoft MS-202 Exam Prerequisites And Structure

The candidates who are willing to take the Microsoft MS-202 assessment should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Modern messaging infrastructure management;
  • Mail flow topology management;
  • Expertise in managing recipients as well as devices;
  • Accurate planning and implementation of hybrid configuration and migration;
  • Keeping the messaging environment secure.

The fee to enroll in MS-202 exam is $165. The test includes 40-60 questions and the time allocated to manage them is 150 minutes.

As the examis quite complex, it is important to take it seriously and follow in-depth training to succeed.

Keep reading the next passages and discover more about the study resources that you can use.

How To Prepare For Microsoft MS-202 Exam?

You can become certified as Messaging Administrator Associate by passing MS-202 exam.You will be eligible to takeit only if you have previously passed exam70-345.

Also, you should not forget that MS-202 test will be soon be retired. Therefore, you can still acquire the accreditation for Messaging Administrator byreaching the passing score in MS-200 and MS-201 tests.

When it comes to training, you can try different options as follows:

  • Microsoft official resources—Microsoft puts at candidates’ disposal two types of resources. They can access free self-paced courses or paid instructor-led training. This second option offers an unmatchable advantage to students as they can ask trainers directly any question they have. However, it requires trainees to adapt their schedules according to each session’s program. For some exam-takers this can be a disadvantage as they might be busy with their jobs or other activities.
  • YouTube videos —this training option is very popular among candidates as it is a free resource. Also, exam-takers can organize their schedules as they wish and watch videos in their free time. YouTube offers different videos uploaded by trainers or past successful candidates who want to share their knowledge on how to pass MS-202 test. Thisvariant is excellent for active listeners and prefer using audiomaterials instead of reading.
  • Amazon platform— Amazon library is an excellent training resource for those students who want to increase their chances to ace in MS-202 exam. If you go on the Amazon website and do a quick search, you will find various prep materials for Microsoft assessments(books, study guides) that will help you understand the required topics better and win the related certification.
  • Forums — you can access Microsoft official forums to clarify your questions on MS-202 exam. These resources offer you the opportunity to get in touch with other potential candidates and also learn fromthose who have already obtained the passing score. Forums are excellent communication tools where you can discuss you doubts and get useful tips freely.

While the training options mentioned above are efficient, you can gain a competitive advantage by exploring exam dumps.

The following paragraph will tell you more about using materials from website and whatthey can do for you.

Pass Microsoft MS-202 Exam With Prepaway

Prepaway can help you differentiate from other test-takers. This website gives you access to free exam dumps which are the sets of questions gathered by experienced and successful candidates to help you prepare for the Microsoft MS-202.

These dumps also contain the correct answers to help you understand the concepts better and succeed in the first attempt.

This is a chance for you to get reliable materials which have already helped hundreds of candidates to improve their knowledge and ace exams.

Once you have finished downloading, you will notice that the files are in vce format. So, you will need to use the VCE Exam Simulator to open them.

This application helps you become used to the real test’s environment and overcome any challenges during exam day.

You will be able to create your own assessments, edit and take them along with obtaining detailed reports on your passing score.

Also, you will have access to free updates for 30 days. So, you won’t miss any relevant information if you decide to trust Prepaway.


The Microsoft MS-202 exam is necessary to become a certified Messaging Administrator Associate.

As we are living in a world dominated by technology updates, this accreditation will help you stand out from other candidates and have more chances to get employed or promoted at your current workplace.

As the test is not easy and needs intensive preparation, our advice is to evaluate all available training options.

Prepaway is one of the most helpful resources; thatcan help you make the difference due to its actual exam dumps.

Now you know everything needed about your certification path. In case you have already passed 70-345 exam, this MS-202 test is the last step to become Microsoft certified professional. Take it with determination and enjoy the results!