5 Best Places To Find Affordable And Quality Furniture In 2019


Published on July 10th, 2019

What’s a home, office or apartment without furniture? You need good furniture if you’re setting up a new place. The major problem with this though is that they’re often outrageously priced.

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a bed, camp chair, coffee tables, office furniture or cozy sofas. The good news is you can get affordable furniture if you shop in the right places.

More often than not, the best places to buy furniture are right under your nose. You just need to know where to look to get the best deals for great furniture. The following should help.



This is one of the best places to buy furniture, particularly if you’re looking for affordable furniture. They typically sell ready-to-assemble furniture pieces. All you have to do is buy, assemble at home, and voila, your furniture is ready.

Doesn’t matter if you want furniture for a studio apartment or a 5,000 sq ft home. They’ve got furniture for all price ranges. One of the major selling points of IKEA is that their furniture prices aren’t as expensive as other custom furniture makers.

Which is probably why they’re the favorite source for moderately priced furniture. For people looking for that hygge style furniture, you’ll find a lot of them at IKEA’s stores.

After all, they’re a Swedish company. Also, their introduction of new furniture lines and designs every year means that you can always get an updated look whenever you want.

This is great for people who love renovating and switching things up frequently. And if you want a one-stop-shop for all things furniture, you’ll find everything from nursery furniture to master beds and office furniture there.

2. Online Stores

These include online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Target, World Market and Overstock. These are some of the best places to buy furniture if you’re looking for sweet deals.

Most of these stores have a wide variety of offers for all types of furniture. For instance, there are coupons for Wayfair furniture sets, that will help you as much as a 30 percent discount.

The same goes for Amazon and the rest. The only downside is you can’t physically walk into a store to check out the quality of the furniture. The only one with a real store is Target. The others like Wayfair and Amazon, are mostly online.

The good thing though is, many of them have solid return policies. So, if you don’t like the furniture pieces you get from them, you can easily return and get a refund.

3. Classified, Auction And Exchange Sites

Auction And Exchange

Sites like Craigslist and eBay can offer you a ton of furniture deals if you’re patient. In fact, places like Freecycle can get you free furniture.

Also, sites like Artdeco, Chairish, OfferUp, and 1stdibs allow you to buy and sell furniture there. The thing with most of these sites though, is the available furniture tend to be used.

So, if you don’t mind second-hand furniture, this can be a good source.

4. Are These the Best Places to Buy Furniture?

Well, the aforementioned are some of the best places to buy furniture. But, if you want more options, consider hiring a local carpenter to build one for you. Could be costlier or cheaper depending on the wood quality and designs, but that’s also an option.

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