Alternative Treatment For Cancer: Is It Suitable For All Patients?

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Published on December 13th, 2019

Alternative treatments are the complex of methods that are not approved by the official medicine, but demonstrate effectiveness in treatment of disorders in the sphere of oncology.

Non-traditional techniques and off-label pharmacotherapy are used for this purpose. Numerous skeptics say that alternative medicine does not have any reasonable background and works due to the placebo effect.

Nevertheless, practical medical experience demonstrates the other results. Nowadays, alternative treatments are the part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

CAM is used in the scope of alternative cancer treatment in Germany providing patients with additional health benefits.

Complementary And Alternative Medicine Aims

CAM methods target the basic pathogenetic processes that underlie development of malignant processes. They are aimed at the following issues:

  • Preventing or alleviating undesirable effects of the conventional procedures.
  • Enhancing effect of the conventional procedures.
  • Reactivating patient’s immune system.
  • Preventing metastases formation.
  • Preventing cancer relapses.
  • Improving the overall quality of life.
  • Managing stress
  • Modification of the lifestyle.

CAM cancer treatment options attract many patients, as they include naturopathic remedies without serious side effects.

Despite good safety profile and tolerability of alternative treatments, they can be administered only by a qualified physician. Few of the most widespread CAM methods are discussed below.

Different Types Of Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is a treatment method that includes increasing body temperature up to 42-43°C. It may affect the whole body (total hyperthermia) or just the affected organ (regional and local hyperthermia).

Intensity of blood heating and number are procedures are planned according to the tumor size and localization, stage of the malignant process, etc.

Antitumor effect of hyperthermia is based on the paradoxical slowing-down of the blood flow through the tumor vessels against the background of raised body temperature.

Normally, such situation causes intensification of the blood supply so that hyperthermic tissues receive more nutrients. But tumors typically grow very fast, so that their blood vessels do not have time to form properly.

Thus, in body temperature above 42-43°C they fail to supply a tumor with nutrients and take away its metabolic products.

In the clinics of Germany doctors apply the thermal therapy along with irradiation and / or chemotherapy. The method is used in patients with melanoma, sarcoma, tumors in the brain, lungs, breast, rectum, etc.

Therapy with RNA – Regeneresen

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Regeneresen is a drug that contains animal and yeast RNA. RNA, which is the ribonucleic acid, restores protein biosynthesis that is often affected in cancer patients.

Activation of the normal proteins biosynthesis is of great importance, as they are involved in the functioning of the immune system, new tissues formation, hormones secretion, etc.

Prior to the therapy start doctors choose the Regeneresen preparation that will be the most suitable for the certain patient.

There are over 20 drug modifications. Each of them contains the unique, organ-specific RNA mixture.

Being injected in the body, Regeneresen accelerates the cellular metabolism, activates the immune system, enhances hormones synthesis, improves tissues regeneration, etc.

The drug has showed good results in patients with breast cancer and skin malignancies.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Abroad

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