How To Get Your App At The Top Of The Apple Store Search Results?

Apple Store Search Results

Published on May 28th, 2022

Apple Store As a Google play has been over a decade now. This journey only got better and better by providing us with millions of apps of all categories, both free and paid. But most app creators face a lot of difficulties in their apps being recognised due to the presence of many apps.

So you improve your reach by doing it manually by yourself or reaching out to a third-party analytical company or by Split Metrics, which is an A/B testing service. Keep reading this article to learn about some of the best practices for app store optimisation.

Increase Visibility

If your app needs to show up at the top of the Apple store search results, then it sure has to stand out from other apps. Here are some tips for your app to be easily recognised:

Create Keyword Phrases That Are Effective

They should be applicable to your app and show a reasonable balance of complexity and popularity. A 100-character keyword field is available in the App Store. To get the most out of it, experiment with long-tail and short-headed keywords.

When creating your initial list of keywords and studying the competition while comprehending the long-tail term, think like a user, define your target audience, and put yourself in their boots. To discover high-quality keywords, use keyword research tools.

Pay Close Attention To The Metadata

Make sure no app-related information is missing and that no data is excessive or unnecessary. If in doubt, see the App Store Review Guidelines. Detailed explanations of non-obvious functionality and in-app purchases are among the Guidelines, so are updating your contact information in case App Review has to contact you, and more to which you can refer.

Include In-App Purchases

Because the titles of in-app purchases (IAP) are classified in the app store search, selling anything within your app provides you another option to boost its exposure. Each IAP may now have its own display name, promotional image, and description, thanks to the release of iOS 11 cause this came into play after the iOS 11 update.

Utilise Apple Search Ads

Despite their high cost, search advertisements may significantly enhance your app’s exposure. In App Stores, most consumers don’t notice the difference between sponsored and organic search results.

Manage your App Store advertising using Search Ads HQ to get the most out of them. By optimising ads for subscriptions and sales rather than merely installations, the portal becomes your ally in achieving cost-effective expenditure.

Increasing App Downloads

The visual perception channel is the most important. It is unfortunately marked by a short memory. This implies that no matter what material you provide, you must prioritize early impressions; only then can you boost your app downloads.

Create A Stunning Icon

Keep it simple and let the images speak for themselves; a good symbol pays off 100 percent and more. You could use a distinctive form or symbol, avoid using words, and utilise brilliant colours, a gradient backdrop, and a variety of design components. A/B testing may be used to determine these things. The entire list of components to check may be found in Splitmetrics’s guide to icon optimisation.

Create Your Preview Video Spectacular

The shorter the statement, the better. You only have approximately 10 seconds to capture consumers’ attention, so emphasise just your app’s best features. Be cautious; the video app preview is one of the trickier aspects of the app page and should be thoroughly tested initially. Also, don’t really put much work into voice over as many people prefer to watch it while the volume is muted, so make sure your visuals are stunning enough to grab attention.

Everything You Do Should Be Tested

You generally have several options to select from when it comes to optimising any aspect of your software. Even the tiniest variation between them can be decisive. So it’s always better to go for A/B testing, and Split metrics can really help you with that and make sure the choices you make, you don’t regret later.

Take On New Markets

Localisation is a terrific method to expand your audience while also doubling, tripling, and so on the number of keywords used. With the support of Split Metrics Optimise (former Search Ads HQ), you can quickly gain new stores by duplicating your app listing on Apple Search Ads.

Thorough study into a new area of interest, as well as consistent A/B tests, are required. And as said before, for A/B tests, Split metrics are a brilliant option to choose from as it is safer and cheaper.


You need to worry about competing with a million apps in the App Store. Following and doing stuff to increase your visibility and boost your reach would be more than helpful. Apps like Split Metrics Optimise can help you out in the process of making your app more recognisable than others.

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