7 Must-Have Beaver Builder Addons For Web Designers

Beaver Builder Addons For Web Designers

Published on June 6th, 2019

Doesn’t it feel exciting to use Beaver Builder for your WordPress website? It practically equips you with everything you need to build a powerful WordPress website.

However, you sometimes need additional functionality in order to achieve your design goals with Beaver Builder, which is something that you don’t always get with it out of the box.

But no worries – there are several Beaver Builder addons that can be easily integrated with it to get a ton of more features to go with this already feature-rich website builder for WordPress.

In this article, we will talk about Beaver Builder addons that improve the possibilities of what all you can do with it. Sounds interesting? Look no further and read on!

Best Beaver Builder Addons

1. Ultimate Addons


Just like the name suggests, Ultimate Addons has just about everything you will need for designing a website using Beaver Builder. It comes loaded with 100+ page templates and 45+ modules, which makes it perfect for those who want to design an aesthetically appealing site.

Here are some of the most popular modules that come with Ultimate Addons:
• Hotspots
• Timeline
• Flip boxes
• Column separators
• Modal popup
and many more…

Cost: Premium plans of Ultimate Addons start at $69 for the annual license.

2. PowerPack


This addon pack for Beaver Builder is another nice option if you want greater control over your website’s design and functionality. However, PowerPack can also help improve the marketing-related aspects of your WordPress site, like lead generation for example.

Here are some of the modules included in PowerPack:
• Subscription form
• Countdown Timer
• Alert boxes
• Form styles
• Modal popup box
• Pre-designed page templates
and many more…

Using this addon pack you can also create beautiful sales pages and landing pages for your clients.

Cost: There’s a free version of this addon pack available on which comes with limited options. Premium plans start at $69 for the annual license, which includes customer support.

3. Beaver Themer

If you want to design fresh new layouts that are usually in control of your existing WordPress theme, then Beaver Themer is a nice addon for your website. By using this addon pack, Beaver Themer as described by, it becomes really easy to construct unique layouts for the various pages (or sections of a page), including but not limited to:

• Archive pages
• 404 error pages
• Search pages
• Headers
• Footers
• Single posts
and more…

With this addon combination, you will get back complete control over the design of your web pages.

Cost: The standard single site license of this addon costs $99, and the Pro and Advanced versions are also available if you are a professional web developer with multiple client websites you’d want to use this on. You also get a 40% discount off the actual price during the annual renewal of the license.

4. WooPack

Here’s a premium plugin that lets you bring the best Beaver Builder features you love to your WooCommerce store. This means you can have everything you need to run a fantastic e-commerce store all under one roof.

It comes with six core modules, including:
• Add to cart button
• Cart page styling
• Checkout page
• Single product
• Product grid
• Product slider

To take a close look at how these modules actually work, check out the live demo pages on their website.

Cost: Annual plan costs $59 and lifetime license costs $199. Both plans come with white label options, customer support, and use on unlimited sites.

5. Toolbox

If you want to link custom fields (Meta Box or Advanced Custom Fields) into Beaver Builder and also Beaver Themer, try Toolbox. This addon is best suited for web developers who are looking to boost their design productivity.

Cost: Toolbox’s annual subscription costs $99 per year. You can use the plugin on unlimited websites and also get regular updates and customer support to go with it.

6. Dashboard Welcome

This addon pack gives you complete control over laying out the WP admin dashboard. You can personalize the various sections of the dashboard with relevant content, such as:
Videos and images
Affiliate links
Contact information

Cost: The basic version of the addon is free, and premium plans start at only $59 /year.

7. Beaverlodge

Here’s another premium addon pack for Beaver Builder that gives you the freedom and control over the various design elements. Below are some of the modules that come with Beaverlodge:
• Countdown module
• Animated text module
• eCommerce menu module
• News ticker module
• FaceBook, Instagram and Google Maps module
..and many more

Cost: $39 for the annual subscription and 50% off on subsequent annual renewals.


While we already love using BeaverBuilder by itself, it’s always great to be aware of what plugins and addons are available, to make sure you can really get the most out of your web design and pagebuilder experience. If you have any additional suggestions, we’d love to hear about them.