3 Of The Best Celebrity Cruise Line Ships To Consider Embarking Upon

3 of the Best Celebrity Cruise Line Ships to Consider Embarking Upon

Published on April 25th, 2020

Are you all ready to book a cruise on one of the celebrity cruise line ships, but you’re having a hard time picking from all the amazing options? You’re in luck.

With this guide, we will rate the top 5 celebrity cruise ships so that you can get filled in on the best of the best that this line has to offer.

Find your next perfect vacation with one of these amazing ship options. We promise, there’s something for everyone.

1. Celebrity Apex

If your all about a vacation that is innovative and modern, the Celebrity Apex may be the ship for you.

This ship is home to The Retreat, an all-inclusive packages for all suite guests. This package includes a private butler, plus a private lounge, sundeck, and restaurant.

If you like to avoid the crowds at the buffet and make sure there is always an available seat in the sun, you should consider this option.

This ship offers so many options when it comes to ritzy settings for lounging with cocktails.

From a LED-lit martini bar for a night of high-end cocktails to the Craft Social Bar, a more laid back setting perfect for those who love craft beers, there is something for every mood.

The Eden Bar is perfect for those happy hour drinks and is covered in greenery for a calming setting.

Perfect for enjoying a drink at sunset, the Sunset Bar has a country-club like feel and showcases amazing views.

If you’re looking for luxury and high and lounging, you should consider this cruise today.

This ship goes to so many locations, from touring the Western Caribbean, to the Europen Riveria, the options are endless.

2. Celebrity Solstice

This celebrity cruise line ship is amazing for visiting some unique places and even boasts a whole Alaskan itinerary.

If you’re looking to take a break from the typical tropical cruise vacation, this ship is sure to wow you.

Opera lovers can’t even try and stay away from our cruises from Sydney, with it’s renowned Opera House.

This ship has a Sydney and New Zealand itinerary so that you can check these amazing destinations off your bucket list.

Foodies will be in heaven on this ship, where there are so many amazing restaurants to enjoy onboard.

The Le Petit Chef Restaurant is something like you’ve never experienced before.

With a menu created by a Michelin Star rated chef, this restaurant works to combine amazing meals with interesting entertainment.

The tabletops show a 3D animation show that is sure to wow everyone a the table.

Take a trip upon this innovative ship for great food, destinations, and tons of fun.

3. Celebrity Millennium

This ship has just been modernized for an updated ship with so much to offer.

With new luxurious accommodations, amazing culinary experiences and so much more, this is a great idea for someone who wants to get on a ship that looks brand new.

We can’t wait to see what you think!

The Best Of The Celebrity Cruise Line Ships

Book one of these amazing celebrity cruise line ships today for a vacation of your dreams! With so many ships to choose from, there are options for everyone’s priorities, to so many exotic locations.

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