Top 10 Best Enterprise PC Tech Support

PC Tech Support

May 11th, 2021   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Identifying the best enterprise pc tech support is not an easy task. In many cases, the consumers always wastes their time and money on a feeble service before finding one that suits their necessities.

This matter becomes utterly crucial as technology becomes a more significant component of today’s society. There was a time when downtime used to be considered as a minor inconvenience. However, going offline today is a dangerous threat to production and profit for both individuals and businesses.

Which Online Enterprise PC Tech Support Service Is Best?

Technical assistance contains a wide range of services and products to profit businesses and consumers. These features include live chat, computer repair, troubleshooting, and live chat services. It is normal to experience phone service issues, and these issues often need high-level technical support to fix.

The 10 companies listed below are best for both qualities of the services and the pricing they offer. These companies have been considered the best of the best in enterprise pc tech support services.

1. Geek Squad

Geek Squad is among the most notable brands in the orbit of tech support and is highly critiqued by users. Geek Squad offers consumers extensive protection for both PC and Mac. It offers a support plan for entertainment devices, home appliances, and automotive essentials.

Geek Squad features contain free security software for internet use, network support, and device setup. Consumers also profit from agent support online, via telephone, and in-store.

It is worth remarking that both and Phone Power provide Geek Squad to address customer assistance requirements.

2. Bask

The company that is also once known as iTok provides four service plans to secure the needs of customers. The first three plans, silver, gold, and diamond, exist from $9.99 a month to $24.99 a month, and each needs $49.99 to be used for setup. The platinum premium plan takes $34.99 monthly and requires a setup fee of $99.99.

Bask customers experience efficient services and Bask agents possess ultimate knowledge of tech problems. The first three service layers provide a clear-up of PC optimization, malware, and the extension of new devices.

Customers using one of these layers are ordered to pay for significant problems on a pre-fix basis. The only exception is the platinum level of service, which is all-inclusive. It makes Bask one of the most precious of the ten services profiled in this article.

3. My Nerds

My Nerds provides a subscription service for $240 yearly. The company centralizes on single solutions that can be obtained on the company website.

All payments and solutions are performed via a web interface. The price for what the company calls simple fixes is $40.

Single problems are repaired for $80, and multiple issues are tacked for $120. For complex problems, the price is $160 to fix. My Nerds also provide a money refund policy in which the customer gets refunds when an issue cannot be resolved.

4. Ask PC Experts

Ask PC Experts facilitates a list of services for a wide range of devices like cameras, tablets, smartphones, and digital audio players.

The company provides plans for both small businesses and individuals. The price of services diminishes dramatically for several-year contracts.

Ask PC Experts will install the routers, configure routers, offer the network security, and deliver voice-over-IP services for both home and market owners.

This service provides reasonable value for its clients, but the $2499.95 annual cost makes it utterly suited for individuals committed to a long-term commitment with a tech support service provider.

5. Omni Tech Support

Omni Tech provides service offers for home computer users and small business owners. Moreover, there is not an extreme difference between both service plans.

The list of features given by Omni Tech contains PC cleanup, virus removal, troubleshooting wi-fi, and many other things.

The annual cost of a subscription is $299.99, making it reasonable to find related features for a slightly lower price elsewhere.

6. 24/7 Techies

The company 24/7 Techies assist both small to medium size business owners and individual customers. The company performs in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada.

The company has shown expertise in offering general tech support for PC and Mac systems. They also serve assistance for smartphones and online applications.

Unlimited services are offered to single users for as low as $159.95 a year. More advanced features for small to medium size business owners start at $499.99 yearly.

7. Tech to Us

Tech to Us takes immense price on customer satisfaction. The company manages a clean and efficient website, and its pricing structure is intended to be simple to understand.

The price for individual plans is $29.99 a month with a $99.99 setup. Individual users can also choose to pay $299.99 annually. Businesses pay around $49.99 and $499.99 a month for tech support services for up to 20 devices.

8. provides the requirements of consumers who need a one-time fix as well as those wanting subscription services.

However, customers have been offered a $129.99 charge for a one-time diagnose and repair service for PCs. The company provides the option to secure around-the-clock support for $19.99 a month.

A six-month minimum commitment with a $40 installation fee is required for this option. Customers who desire help via phone may need to take

9. iYogi

iYogi previously held a much standard position in the tech support field. The decline occurs may be due to many companies providing similar services at competitive prices. The IYogi’s digital home plan starts at $149.99 a year. The plan can be extended to $119.99.

iYogi is highly appreciated for providing adequate tech support. However, users have criticized that the company’s agents and software seek to sell further services.

Company support functions also need customer presence, so customers desired to be aware of this matter in self-contained solutions.

10. US Tech Support

US Tech Support is ideal for the consumer who wants a simple and direct tech support experience. The company provides 24/7 services for virus scanning, troubleshooting, and optimization.

The guide to tech assistance taken by US Tech Support is a deal for novice users who require a little help with software or internet connectivity issues.

Monthly plans for single users begin at $19.95 a month, and a $39 fee is necessary for installation. Customers can choose to pay a one-time annual fee of $39.


Many companies operating in enterprise pc tech support offer similar service packages and pricing structures. While many customers find one-time fixes save them a significant deal of money, subscription services have proven to provide the best value for people who have common questions and experience several minor problems.