How To Choose The Best Pharma SFA Application For Your Pharmaceutical Business?

Pharmaceutical Business

April 27th, 2021   |   Updated on December 11th, 2021

The world is driven by technology and it is no surprise that even the health sector is tracing the digital path. With multiple advancements being made on the internet front, your pharmaceutical business sure needs to catch up. What better way to do that, than investing in a mobile application?

Here we tell you how to choose the best application for your business from the numerous applications available in the market.

1. Have An In-Built CRM

Customer Relationship Management is the main feature of any business. So the app that you need is one which has an in-built pharma CRM platform.

With the help of a pharma CRM portal, you will be able to record every single need of your customer efficiently. It must be capable of generating up-to-date reports based on the provided pharma CRM. This will be helpful in making sure the customer is satisfied with your business. Therefore, it will become a win-win situation.

2. Make User Interactions Easy

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The app must make the end user happy. It must have the design for prompt push notifications, that way, you can advertise your brand effectively.

But, the content of the notifications must also be catchy so that the user opens the notification and utilises the application. It must also have a feedback system so that the customer can provide necessary suggestions.

3. Customization

The app must allow for you to customize it according to your specific needs. This can again be done with the help of your pharma CRM.

It should be enabled with geo-tagging and location tracker options. There must also be QR code scanning options. And most importantly it should have advanced levels of security management.

4. Be Efficient In Handling Pharma Field Force

This is a mandatory feature for a pharmaceutical application. It must be able to use pharma field force software. This software makes it easy for the pharma executives to manage their daily activities.

A pharma field force software saves valuable time by managing repetitive tasks on its own. This helps the sales manager track the activities of his subordinates as well.

It will help maintain an updated database of all the purchases, sales and targets. It will also enable you to plan a marketing strategy with the help of a pharma CRM.

5. Planning

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The application must have a planner. It can be accessed by the pharma reps in order for them to view their daily and monthly tasks and targets.

You must be able to enter your pharma CRM so that the application can make a planner based on the input. This feature reduces the need for several sales meetings.

6. Effective Social Media Power

Social media plays an important role in every business sector. Hence, the app that you choose must be able to share and allow access to your various social media platforms.

It must also be able to work offline. It should be open to proving regular application updates. Be it with the interface or design, no one likes to look at the same screen everyday.

Now with these key features in mind, purchase a great pharmaceutical application and make your business a success.