Differences Between The Ones Who Make And Break Their Career

Differences Between The Ones Who Make And Break Their Career

April 29th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Spotting differences between the people who make their career and the ones who break is not impossible, but it can be a little tedious.

Both these kinds of people do similar things; however, there is a major difference in the pattern and also the style of work.

While one focuses all their energy on bringing work to completion, the other focuses all the energy in ruining their career.

This article is written to show you some of the major differences between these two kinds of people.

When you read through this article, you would rest assured not to indulge in these kinds of activities that can make you ruin your career.

1. Attendance


The ones who are focused on the jobs and their assignment would be regular to work.

They would ensure their attendance is prompt and complete all the tasks assigned to them with complete dedication and attention.

While the ones who aren’t interested in shaping their career would come up with reasons every day to not go to their offices.

Dragging themselves to work in spite of the assignment being interesting can be observed in those who aren’t interested in having a successful professional life.

2. Pro-Activeness

The ones who are interested in earning a good name in their career would pro-actively speak to their management and seek challenging assignments.

They would not come up with any excuses or issues for incompletion of work. They will be keen on taking challenging opportunities and would look through the problems and work towards solutions.

On the contrary, the ones who intend to break their career come up with invalid reasons and justifications for not performing the tasks assigned to them.

They would always prefer to hide when the team is looking for support. They would also end up in blame games and convert all the existing opportunities into obstacles for them.

3. Genuine

team office

People who love to shine in their careers remain ethical to the work that they do. They do not choose to take short cuts to finish the task quickly.

Instead, they would always choose to take extra time and verify things more than once in order to avoid rework.

These people always prefer quality over quantity. Hence, they are considered to be genuine.

The people who do not want to utilize the opportunities in their career will ensure to ruin everything that comes their way by committing blunders.

They do not believe in correcting those errs and learning from them. Instead, they would choose the shortest path to attain results, and in this process, they might not even be sound in terms of knowledge.

4. Commitment

People who love to work would always be dedicated and committed even when they are assigned to the smallest of tasks.

To those people, it is always about the requirement of the client and the organizational goal that matters.

They do not mind going the extra mile to complete the assigned work with 100% quality.

They would stay determined throughout the project and ensure to stretch well after the working hours as well.

On the other hand, the ones who are least bothered about their career would be worried about the number of breaks they have compromised daily for the sake of the project.

They would go around ranting about the nature of the work and also the late working hours. They would make sure to stay back at home even when work demands their presence.

5. Motivation

Be Willing To Ask For Help

The ones who are in the quest to earn a reputation in their career would always go to their workplace with intrinsic motivation.

They would never work because of the extra perks, allowances, or rewards that the company offers to them.

Instead, they would be looking out to convert every possibility into an opportunity and learn more and render their services to the organization. By doing this, they would become more efficient.

The others who are disinterested in their career life would always go to their workplace with the intention of earning extra.

They would seek rewards and accolades more than focusing on the work. They might as well rub their negative vibess into the team and become responsible for pulling down the morale of the whole team.

They would also go about gossiping about unwanted things and end up wasting their time on these futile matters instead of concentrating on their work.


Well, we have spotted some of the major differences between the two sets of professionals; the one who is flourishing in their career and the other who is completely ignorant about it.

So, you get to choose what qualities you want to adapt to yourselves. The kind of work that you do is going to define your career path and also the kind of professional you are going to become.