8 Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra Money This Year

Hustle Ideas

May 28th, 2021   |   Updated on February 18th, 2022

Everyone has different motivations for wanting to earn extra cash, from getting out of debt to providing for your family or saving for an item you really want.

Whatever your reason, one major tip for those seeking knowledge about how to build wealth includes side hustles. A side hustle is generally a part-time project based on your skills.

The internet is a vast space filled with possibilities, and if you rummage deep enough, you might find just the right side hustle for earning a little extra.

1. Tutoring

Over the last year, many students have fallen behind due to the inability to seek the help they would normally have gotten in class. If you have a particular strength in a specific subject or are fluent in multiple languages, consider becoming a tutor.

Tutoring can be easy to accommodate if you have a daytime job as it can be done in the evenings and on weekends.

Start by approaching people in your academic or professional network who may know those who need study support of any kind. Look into work as a tutor, instructor, or study companion.

2. Freelance

There are many online platforms that make finding freelance work easy, and help you ensure you’ll be duly compensated.

Determine which of your skills you can translate to freelance projects. Video and photo editing, photography, content creation, customer service, and virtual assistance are all in-demand nowadays.

You can also try your hand at a skill you’ve always been interested in but haven’t wanted to take on in a full-time capacity. Freelancing is a great way to get your feet wet in an industry to begin making contacts and learning the basics.

3. Share Your Craft

Many hobbies can become significant moneymakers if marketed properly. Think about turning your love of jewelry-making or baking, or pottery-making into an actual side business.

Crocheting, making organic beauty products, and making candles are also great hobbies that can relax you while earning you some extra cash.

Many eCommerce sites like Etsy provide excellent support and resources to those seeking to sell their products online. Social media also makes it easy to market and spread the word about your side hustle.

4. Start a Blog

This isn’t a guaranteed moneymaker, but blogs can be monetized and make a steady income if you commit (and get a bit lucky). They are also a fun way to share your thoughts and expertise.

There are many blog hosting platforms that offer monetized options. There are also strategic ways to build a profitable blog that can help you earn more, including high-quality content, design, marketing, and web hosting.

5. Become an Influencer

As the modern attention economy has proven, all you need to become an influencer is a social media account and a dream.

If you already have a solid social media following, take a look at what posts perform the best, and replicate those approaches. After a while, brands may even be willing to pay you to promote their products.

Tap into your existing qualifications to position yourself as an authority in some category. This will help brands who want to reach your following identify you as a potential partner.

6. Drive For Lyft or Uber

These sorts of services allow you to set your own hours. The amount of money drivers for Lyft and Uber get paid varies depending on the time and day they choose to drive passengers and their location.

If you have free time during rush hour, especially if you live in a metropolitan area, take advantage of the price surge and earn a little more.

In 2019, a driver for Lyft or Uber can earn an average of $8.55 to $11.77 per hour. If you enjoy driving, it can be easy money to sit there and meet some interesting people.

7. Delivery Service

Food and grocery delivery is increasingly popular. Due to the pandemic, more and more companies are offering delivery services. This side hustle keeps you active and lets you set your own hours.

Many companies hire people for outsourced delivery services. You will likely need your own vehicle and driver’s license, although some will allow you to rent for a reduced rate from them. The average hourly base pay is $2 to $20, plus promotions and tips.

8. Go Back to School

A college, graduate school, or training program won’t earn you cash now, but eventually, it will allow you to find a better job and have a higher income.

You can also use the skills and knowledge you develop from such courses to start a business or discover more side hustles.

There are many online college and graduate programs that accommodate working professionals. Consider a training or certification program to advance your skills.

These don’t have to take too long either. Be sure to ask your employer if they are willing to cover the cost or contribute to you continuing your education, as well, as some companies do offer this.

 Time to Start Your Side Hustle

There are plenty of opportunities to earn extra income nowadays. Just choose which interests you most and which suits the time you can allot.

It is also important to develop a financial plan for your side hustles by setting targets based on your goals. Stick to it, and of course, enjoy the job, and you’ll start earning blissfully in no time.