5 Simple Browser Games That Will Make Your Day

Browser Games

Published on September 23rd, 2019

What do you do when you have a few minutes just for yourself? Do you daydream, read, or just whip up your phone and play a browser game?

If you selected the last option, we know you’re a serious player, and we have a few interesting suggestions to help bring some diversity in your gaming life!


Supported in: Chrome and Firefox

This is a free to play browser game that combines the simplicity and addictive fun of the classic Snake game and the colorful and vivid design of the Tron Legacy. In short, it’s fun and visually appealing to a wide demographic.

But is more than just a pretty browser game you get to play when you want to kill time. It also comes with challenges! First, you’re not alone on the board; there are tons of other online players, and you need to stay clear of them if you want to grow.

Second, there are powerups and speed boosts, but you need to be willing to take some risks. So, if you have a bit of adventure spirit, this may be quite a fantastic journey!


Defly - Browser Game

Supported in: Chrome and Firefox

If you like flying cool helicopters and conquering new territories, then Deflyio should be on your list of cool browser games.

Players start with a regular helicopter that can shoot at other players and build towers. To upgrade your level and your helicopter, you need to enclose large areas of the map within the towers you’re building. Once an area is in your color, it belongs to you, and you get to level up.

But things don’t stay this simple throughout the game! You have to fight other players for the territories you worked hard to get, as they will come for you!

3. Linerider


Supported in: Chrome and Firefox

As the name suggests, the entire action in this game is about riding on a line. But you are the one drawing the line, and the main character (a boy on a sled) needs to test its accuracy by riding it.

The game lets you play with physics concepts but doesn’t allow you to cheat. This means that, if the path your draw is unrealistic, the boy will fall, and this will count as a loss for you.



Supported in: Chrome and Firefox

This game will inspire great creativity in everyone who just wants a break from the routine of everyday life. The premise is rather simple (it uses colors and shapes), which is why your brain will have a chance to disconnect and enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet.

If you don’t believe us, give it a try.

5. Threes


Supported in: Chrome and Firefox

If you like to play with numbers, Threes is a fantastic option for you! Even more, it is colorful and uses multiples of three as characters with a specific personality. We’re sure you are going to enjoy the sounds they make as well!

Wrap Up

Browser games are not always the first option for many players, but they are a wonderful way to kill some time and enjoy a few moments of relaxation. This is highly suggested by the games that became wildly popular, as most of them are funny, short, and colorful.