Are You Planning On Buying Used Trailers? Here Are Some Guidelines

Buying Used Trailers

Published on September 28th, 2019

Every business should consider using flatbed trailers for hauling items to customers, pickups, and transfers from one location to another.

You may have a reason to use these trailers that will fit in with your current business plan. Once you have decided to buy one of these trailers, you should use the list below to make the best possible choices.

You need to check every item off the list before you make a purchase. Plus, you want to ensure that you’re getting the most value out of each trailer.

1. Is The Trailer Long Enough?

Is The Trailer Long Enough?

Used flatbed trailers for sale are sold by size. You can see the dimensions of every trailer, and you should determine how much space is needed when you put the trailer in service. Some trailers are very short because they are used for simple pickups, hauling small vehicles, or hauling used appliances.

If you do not need all the extra space, you can save money by getting a smaller trailer.

2. Is The Trailer In Good Condition?

The trailer should have good brakes, good tires, and working connections to attach to your trucks. If the trailer is in poor condition, you should get a significant discount because you need to spend extra money to make the trailer ready for the road.

Balance the price with the amount of service that is needed. If you’re not prepared to wait for the trailer to be repaired, you should avoid any trailers with broken lights, bald tire, or worn brakes.

3. Does The Trailer Have A Ramp?

Right Enclosed Trailer

You can get a flatbed trailer with its own ramp so that you can pull items onto the trailer or drive vehicles up the ramp. If you’re driving vehicles up the ramp, you do not need a winch.

If you plan to drag items onto the truck, you need a winch that will be powered by connections to your truck. The winch can pull anything as heavy as a car, and it’s very helpful if you’re moving vehicles or pulling large appliances.

4. Does The Trailer Have A Flip Axle?

The flip axle is very helpful when you are carrying any extra weight. The trailer itself can only carry so much weight, but you can flip down an axle to supply more support. When the axle is flipped down, the weight rating of the trailer goes up.

When this is the case, it is easier for you to handle any load. Your driver can easily flip down the axle, pick up anything on their route, unload the trailer, and flip the axle back up for normal driving.

5. What About A Lowboy Trailer?

What About A Lowboy Trailer

A lowboy trailer is helpful when you have problems with clearance under bridges or overpasses. Plus, the low boy has a very high hitch that will make it easy for you to control the trailer, and these trailers often have a small ramp at the end so that you can easily get large vehicles or loads on and off the trailer.


The flatbed trailer that you’re looking for should be in good condition, provide you with the amenities you need, and help you handle all your pickups and deliveries. You can check the history of the trailer to make sure it has never been in an accident, and you should buy a trailer that will be ready for the road tomorrow.

If you’re willing to put in a little bit more work, you can get a big discount on a trailer that needs new brakes, tires, or basic repairs. These trailers should offer you value, safety, and hauling capacity all in one package.