How To Choose The Right Enclosed Trailer For Me


August 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on August 6th, 2019

When choosing an enclosed trailer for personal or business use, there are several questions to ask yourself.

Different enclosed trailers will fit different needs and budgets. The goal of these questions is to find the one that meets your needs and budget.

The first question to answer is do you want steel or aluminum. Many people think aluminum is lighter than steel and will offer weight saving benefits. The answer to this is that it depends on the specific manufacturer and/or trailer.

When a steel trailer is coated properly, it should last as long as one made of aluminum. This is important because one does not want his/her trailer “rusting out” prematurely.

A second question to ask yourself is if the thickness of the outside of the trailer matters to you. Many companies sell entry-level trailers and premium ones.

One difference in these products includes the thickness of the outer skin of the trailer. The entry-level trailers are for the user/customer concerned with price.

The premium trailers are for contractors who carry equipment or merchandise with them and want to protect these items from the weather.

Consider that dark-colored trailer skins warp from the heat. The “bottom line” on this question is that the thicker skin (metal) is more durable. That means it is not as likely to warp as the temperature changes.

Another consideration when buying an enclosed trailer is whether to go with screws or without screws.

A trailer without screws looks nicer, and it is easier to affix graphics around the trailer. If “down the road” you think you might resell it, then go screw less.

However, if budget considerations are a concern, go with screws. It is easier to repair a sheet of metal on the skin.

Right Enclosed Trailer

A fourth consideration when buying an enclosed trailer is whether to have a ramp on the trailer or a “barn door”. This choice depends upon one’s needs.

For instance, do you need to drive things into the trailer? Do you need to haul items to trade shows or other venues? Barn doors could be your choice because they need an extra 6 feet to open the ramp door.

Do I need to update or upgrade my driver’s license and vehicle registration? Many states require you to do so if your gross vehicle weight rating will be greater than 2600 pounds.

As far as registration goes, the vehicle you have to pull the trailer might limit your gross vehicle weight rating. However, some pickups/trucks can haul the trailer and not need to change the registration.

One needs to “look into” state and local laws about the destination and the route taken if there are plans to drive across state lines.

Another consideration when purchasing an enclosed trailer: how much headroom is needed. A flat roofed trailer has no curves and so does not give as much headroom or hauling capacity.

But if you live in areas that receive a lot of snow, get a rounded roof. Flat roofs hold more snow and can warp over time from the added weight.