How You Can Take The Best Care Of Your Home And Kitchen Appliances To Extend Their Lifespan

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Published on August 25th, 2019

We all make various investments in our homes – and our home and kitchen appliances are no different. Most of us consider these appliances an investment, and we expect to make use of them for a long time so these investments will pay off in the end.

But if a home or kitchen appliance breaks down due to a mechanical failure and needs to be replaced or repaired, it may be an out-of-pocket cost that you certainly don’t need.

And whilst you can always get additional home appliance insurance for your appliances (which is highly recommended if you don’t want to spend for unexpected repairs or replacements), you can also do your part by taking proper care of your appliances.

Here’s how you can care for your home and kitchen appliances to extend their lifespan.

Taking Care Of Your Refrigerator

Whilst your refrigerator can definitely last for a long time as it’s one of the most robust and sturdiest appliances around, you should still do what you can to prolong its life and keep it performing at its best level.

Cleaning your refrigerator is important, and whilst cleaning the inside is always a necessary act, you should also make it a point to clean the fridge’s bottom.

To do this, simply remove the fridge’s kick plate, which you can find at the bottom. Then just clean the filters from the fridge’s coils, which are located at the bottom as well.

You should also clean the seals around the fridge’s door, as these serve to retain the cool air inside the fridge and keep the warm air from entering the fridge.

Taking Care Of Your Microwave

Dishes You Can Prepare In The Microwave

It’s relatively easy to keep your microwave clean. First of all, whenever you heat something, especially if it is saucy or greasy, make sure to wipe down the interior of the appliance when you are done.

The best thing you can do is wipe it down with a warm piece of cloth. If there is too much residue inside the appliance, this could prevent proper air circulation, which can inhibit the way the microwave heats food.

Taking Care Of Your Washing Machine And Clothes Dryer

One of the first things you can do is replace the plastic hoses (which can be quite brittle) with steel ones which are also flexible, as these are longer-lasting.

Also, when doing your washing, avoid overloading the washing machine with clothing, as this can strain the motor and result in faster wear and tear.

For your clothes dryer, it’s important to scrub the trap (the one which traps lint) with a mix of water and soap. The trap of the clothes dryer can either be at the bottom of the machine or the back, so check where yours is located and clean the trap regularly.

You should also avoid overloading the dryer, as this can affect the motor. If you want your dryer to last for a longer time, you could opt for a professional vent cleaning service at least annually or twice every year.

Taking Care Of Your Dishwasher

Homelabs Compact Counter Top Dishwasher

The dishwasher is often one of the most used items in any kitchen, what with our busy and hectic schedules. But if you want your dishwasher to last, clean the trap at the bottom every time you use it.

It would also be good not to put any sharp objects or items in the racks of the dishwasher since the racks are plastic-covered metal, and the sharp objects can easily cut the plastic cover. If the plastic cover is cut and the metal is exposed, this could quickly rust and contribute to the machine’s breakdown.

If you want to be quite sure about your appliance investments, you can also opt for appliance cover which can cover any repairs or replacements needed due to mechanical breakdowns and the like.

This kind of coverage has now become a handy option for many homeowners, as it often features unlimited call outs and spares you the hassle of looking for technicians in case of emergency – the provider simply sends the technician to you.