Never Wait To Fix The Chip In Your Windshield

Fix The Chip In Your Windshield

July 9th, 2019   |   Updated on September 9th, 2019

Your windshield is more than just your view to the road. It is actually an integral part of the construction and design of your vehicle. Your first line of safety in the case of a forward crash is your windshield. When the integrity of your windshield is at stake, so is your safety.

When you get a small crack or chip in your windshield it may not cause you a lot of initial worry, but it should never be left too long before being repaired. Not only can a chip quickly become a crack, but it can cost you more money down the line if not fixed quickly.

Many insurance companies cover small windshield repairs without charging you a deductible fee. If you wait too long and you end up needing to have your whole windshield replaced you will have to pay the full charge.

So, if you notice a chip anywhere on your windshield you should be calling the glass experts like the pros at for a quick fix. Leaving a chip for too long can cause you all kinds of trouble that you would probably rather avoid.

1. View Obstruction

Chips and cracks in your windshield can be more distracting than a dirty surface. Your eye will automatically be drawn to the flaw without you even realizing it. If the crack or chip is inside your field of vision it may greatly impair your view of the road.

It may not seem like a small chip should have that much impact on your view, but it can really affect how you see the road, especially at night. The light from oncoming vehicles can be refracted off the chip or crack and become distracting.

2. Degraded Quality

Once your windshield has a crack or chip in it, it’s safety quality is instantly degraded. The reduction in structural integrity should be enough to send you in for repairs in a hurry.

Your windshield acts as a barrier between you and the road and once the glass has been damaged, the glass has less overall strength.

Your car’s windshield has been specially designed to support the weight of your vehicle in case of a rollover accident. When your windshield is already damaged it may not hold up when you need it to.

3. It Could Get Worse

Even the smallest chip can rapidly get worse. With the effects of colder nights and warmer days, as the glass in your windshield changes temperature a chip is likely to spread into a full fledged crack.

Chips can be easily repaired with a simple resin injection, but once they have spread into a crack, the repairs become more involved and costly.

4. It Could Cost You

In many states, having a chip or a crack in your windshield could get you pulled over by the police. If the chip is decided to be a visual obstruction, you could end up paying a hefty fine before you even get to the repair shop.

Chips or cracks larger than one inch could be considered a hazard.

5. Get It Into The Shop

If you want to stay safe, in compliance and save some money, your best bet is to take care of any chips to your windshield right away.