How To Choose The Right Hotel After A Pandemic

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Published on August 26th, 2020

If anything has been immensely affected this season, these are travel and HORECA industries. But places are starting to open up, and businesses are reimagining ways of operating while doing everything they can to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

From changing the dining experience to cleaning their facilities regularly, hotels are coming up with strategies of staying open while minimizing the risk of infection in their premises.

Various activities, such as buffets, minibars, or close contact activities, have been redefined to find the best way to provide luxury services.

If you are planning to leave soon, it is important to know which hotel is best for your safety. And if you like casinos while on vacation, it means that you are a gambler and like extreme.

In any case, it is important to remember that there is always an opportunity to save on some things, such as how to organize your luggage and receive a bonus 20 euro on the money saved.

We will also discuss some tips on how to protect yourself during your stay at the hotel. Let’s start.

Your Choice Of Hotel: What To Consider?

1. Research and Understand the Hotels Pandemic Protection Protocols

Before you click on the booking option after seeing those excellent choice hotel offers, consider this factor.

A hotel is only as good at protecting their clients if they’re doing the same for their staff. Close contact with the latter considerably increases your risk of infection.

Find out if they have a strict policy of wearing masks and what social distancing measures they have in place.

2. Consider Your Destination

If you’re tired of isolation and need a breath of fresh air, you can still travel. However, it’s not advisable to visit a location while it’s experiencing a spike in their infection rates.

This will only increase your chances of catching the virus. Whether it’s local travel or you’ve found a great choice hotel international offer, the best thing is to research different destinations and pick the one with a very low incidence rate.

3. Understand the Hotel’s Protocol For Dealing With Sick Guests

Regardless of the decreasing rates of infections in most parts of the world, there’s a possibility that travelers can still contract the virus.

When making a choice of a hotel after pandemic, consider the place that considers this fact and has set measures for dealing with such scenarios: a residence doctor, isolation area, and COVID-19 testing kits. Besides, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

4. Get A Room That Has Not Been Recently Occupied

When looking through choice hotel reviews, you can consider choice hotel in 2020 that has excellent deals. In addition, ask whether they can put you in a room that has not been occupied recently, say in the past three days.

As coronavirus is still being studied, research shows it can be transmitted through contact with infected surfaces.

For added protection, bring your own sanitizer and clean all the hard surfaces before removing your mask. Go ahead and open the windows to help air the space.

The risk is higher for airborne transmission indoors, where there’s poor ventilation. It’s also a good idea to skip using common items like hotel phones, drinking glasses, and ice buckets unless you see them disinfected or disinfect them yourself.

5. Room Service

Fine dining is one of the perks of traveling. However, even after getting a choice hotel friend and family rate, you need to avoid restaurants to decrease the risk of exposure.

You can instead opt to order room service. Dining in your room is safer and limits contact with others. If you’re still worried about staff bringing food, you can request for contactless delivery so that they leave your order at your door before you can pick it.


Even with the ongoing pandemic, hotels are re-opening. That is good news, although you need to take time when looking for your choice of hotel.

Researching an establishment’s COVID-19 prevention protocols and taking all the necessary precautions we’ve highlighted here is crucial to ensure your health and safety. Have you traveled recently? Let us know how you’ve been keeping safe when staying in a hotel.

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