The Cost Of Communication Courses In Singapore

Communication Courses In Singapore

June 7th, 2021   |   Updated on April 3rd, 2023

The prices for communication courses in Singapore vary depending on the course content and the target group. Most English communication courses focus on equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for reading English texts, writing, and communicating.

Below are the prices of communication courses in Singapore based on the complexity of the lessons and learner’s English proficiency.

Foundation Level

This level offers learners general English knowledge and communication skills and can benefit individuals who do not have prior knowledge of the English language or those who have limited English communication skills.

The total cost for this level is S$6,876.95. The course fee is S$3,900, the administration fee is S$1,500, and the rest of the fee is distributed among factors like membership (S$220), medical insurance (S$42.06), examination fee (S$400), workshop experience (S$25), and the professional certificate in English (PCIE) examination fee of S$260.

Additionally, students are required to pay a PCIE MDIS experience fee of S$80. Fees associated with academic writing and tuition are waived at this level.

Intermediate Level

The intermediate level equips learners with English skills that can be used in academic settings and for communication purposes.

This level is suitable for individuals who have a basic understanding of the English language and communication skills or those interested in advancing their academic skills.

The price for this course in Singapore is S$7,800. Other costs such as medical insurance fee, membership, medical examination, MDIS experience workshop, PCIE examination fee, PCIE MDIS experience, and administration fee are similar to those paid by learners at the foundation level.

Advanced Level

The advanced level is suitable for individuals interested in acquiring skills in academic reading, writing, and studying.

It has been designed for individuals interested in progressing their academic communication skills and linguistic competencies like pronunciation and grammar.

The communication course price for the advanced level is similar to the intermediate and the foundation level, except for the course fee, which is S$11,700.

Duration and Structure of the Courses

The duration for each of the courses is ten weeks. Learners interested in completing all the levels will be required to dedicate thirty weeks to complete the three levels.

The lessons are conducted five days a week from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Learners are required to complete 350 contact hours during this course to qualify for the examinations.

Interested individuals can take a proficiency test to determine their communication skills. The proficiency test can also help individuals determine the most suitable learning level for them. Learners in the foundation or intermediate level are required to complete the level before proceeding to the next.

In summary

Communication course prices in Singapore vary depending on the knowledge and quality of skills that learners have and the skills that they will acquire after completing the course.

Learners who have minimal English communication skills should consider starting with a basic or foundation course. They can follow up with an intermediate or advanced course depending on their proficiency.

It is important to take up a proficiency test before starting a communication course to avoid spending money on a learning level that one has already mastered.