How Computer Glasses Protect Your Eyesight Relieving Digital Eye Strain

Computer Glasses Protect

Published on June 7th, 2019

Almost all of us have to spend long hours before our PCs or laptops for sundry errands. Manual tasks, as well as paperwork, are now increasingly being done on the virtual cyberspace. But spending a long time at the computer screen can become a potent source of eye strain.

It has been pointed out that staring at a screen even just for two hours can cause eye strain and at this juncture, we very well know that we spend more than that in front of our screens. Prolonged time at screens can cause blurred vision, redness in eyes, tiredness, sleeplessness and headaches.

As a result, a need was felt to make computer glasses to cure this problem and protect our eyes.

What Are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are designed to protect our eyes from the harmful blue rays of the computer screens. You have to wear these glasses while you are doing computer work as they help you to focus your eyes on a computer screen which is at a farther distance than reading material is normally held.

According to each individual’s vision and type of work, there are different computer-specific glasses, such as:

1. Non-Prescription Computer Glasses

non-prescription computer glasses mean you have perfect eyesight and have no need to correct your vision, that is, you don’t have to need corrective lenses. So, people wear non-prescription glasses only for fashion purpose other than correct vision defects.

2. Monofocal

Monofocal or single-vision glasses are designed to enable users to work on the screen without much up and down movement of the head. This means the glasses provide the appropriate optical correction for the working distance between the screen and the eyes.

But there is one disadvantage of using these glasses. Both the distant objects and reading materials that are closer than the computer screen will appear blurry to the eyes.

3. Bifocal

In bifocal glasses, the upper segment or portion of the glasses corrects the vision for the distance between the eyes and the screen; whereas the lower segment or portion works for things that are closer than the screen.

The disadvantage of using bifocal glasses is that objects farther away than the screen appear blurry. Another downside is that objects which are in the peripheral zone of vision appear to be distorted.

Bifocal lenses also distort images of objects in the peripheral zone of vision. Such lenses have a smaller area for viewing the screen as a result of which the wearer has to make a more up-and-down head movement to view different parts of the screen.

4. Trifocal

Trifocal glasses are also segmented glasses. They have lenses that include three segments, one segment for far vision, the second one for near vision, and the third one for vision at the screen distance. Similar to bifocal lenses, they put constraints on the viewing areas.

5. Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL)

Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL) is designed to provide continuity of vision by removing lines caused by segments of different focal power. But the line-free design may lead to limitations in vis-a-vis areas of focus.

How Do Computer Glasses Work?

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The major cause of digital eye strain is the glare of the computer screen. This gets even more problematic because of the smudges on the lenses. The computer glasses are layered with anti-reflective coating that minimizes the glare.

These lenses come with hydrophobic and oleophobic finishes which keeps smudges and fingerprints at bay. This ensures that lenses are clean, glare-free and enable you to see more clearly.

Once you start wearing best blue light blocking glasses or computer glasses, make sure that you undergo regular eye tests to so that you check they are the right glasses for you. You lens number may vary from time to time and wearing inaccurate lens ups the ante. The erroneous lens number can intensify your vision problems when working on computers.

Where To Buy Computer Glasses?

There are many people who get their eye test done at over-the-counter reading glasses store and make a folly. It is imperative that you get your eyes checked from a knowledgeable professional or ophthalmologist.

There is maybe a difference in their eye tests and analysis and a professional is naturally bound to give you a reliable eyeglasses prescription. If you want to get the full benefits from computer glasses, always go to a knowledgeable eye care professional.

Then, you can choice buy computer glasses online. Such as Amazon, Walmart, Simvey and others trusted websites.


By deflecting much of the blue glare of the computer screen, these glasses can protect our eyes from damage. Today, the computer glasses come with some robust features that provide further protection to our eyes and change the way we work.