How To Effectively Write A Content Writing For eCommerce Business

Content Writing For eCommerce Business

Published on January 19th, 2020

Today eCommerce occupies an impressive part of the total number of websites. Every day there are more and more of them. Their owners spend huge sums of money on promotion at the top, but the content for eCommerce, as a rule, is not too high quality.

This can be seen if you go in a row on a few of these web resources of similar subjects. You will see exactly the same, copied from each other SEO-texts for the eCommerce.

This is the main mistake of each owner of such a resource. Most of them believe that it is too difficult and costly to create unique product content for the store and it is much easier to promote it using contextual advertising.

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1. Proper Filling Of The eCommerce Website

Below you will learn how to write a text for your eCommerce, so that it becomes your true assistant in promoting, increasing traffic and monetization.

Good quality content for eCommerce primarily affects behavioral factors. This means that you can stand out from the competition, if you learn how to delay the pages of visitors, using not the same as all the SEO-texts for the eCommerce. To make them such you will need to consider a few recommendations.

2. Fill Each Category, Subcategory, And Description Of The Goods With Unique Texts

Creating A Content

It is not advisable to recklessly copy from competitors. If it is absolutely tight with financial possibilities, it is possible to begin filling of eCommerce with the content on descending downwards.

First categories. After a while, when these investments will pay off, you can begin to fill the subcategories.

3. Unique Characteristics Of Goods

Filling the site should be done with fantasy. Explore the competitors, see how they often look like the characteristics of goods, well remember and … do things differently.

If your competitors selling furniture, the size of the goods is prescribed as “width, height, and material of manufacture,” you should write a text for the online store in the style of “this product width is equal to … cm”, “has an optimal height… cm” and “made of high-quality oak wood”.

It can seriously surprise the visitor who will come to you, having poured before it a dozen created under copying of sites of your competitors.

4. Detailed Info On Shipping

With the help of a Magento 2 Shipping Cost Calculator, you can provide your goods with unique and useful content.

5. Plain Text

If there is no possibility to write unique product content for the online store due to the huge number of items, you can create text templates with the provided for replacement places.

This approach will not be able to ensure the filling of the site with unique content, but even if the uniqueness will be 60 percent – this is much better than the banal descriptions copied.

6. Reviews Of The Goods

Writing Content

Could serve in a very unexpected way. For example, to improve the content of an online store. If you hire a copywriter to place them and give a task to write using keywords that need to be used to promote a particular product item, you will get the final result:

The feedback that can help the visitor make a decision and become a customer;

Unique SEO-texts for eCommerce. It does not matter that they will be placed not in the description of products, but in comments. Search engines (if the comments section will not be closed from indexing) will perceive it as a correspondence of the page to a certain query.

7. Unique Photos

Sometimes they play a decisive role in attracting the interest of the visitor to your pages. Having looked through dozens of identical descriptions with the same picture, he is likely to stay with you if he sees a photo that has not yet met anywhere.

To do this, it is recommended to fill the store with content, in particular photos, created specifically for your product items. If there is no possibility and desire to do it by hand, hire a regular photographer.

The cost of paying for his services will pay off pretty soon, given the increase in conversion rates, improving behavioral factors and raising the rating of your site after the placement of unique images and the positive reaction of visitors to them.

8. Using Video And 3D Models

Commodity content for the online store should preferably be supplemented with video clips (unpacking and inspection of goods, consideration of the main features and advantages, etc.) and 3D-models of positions. Strange as it may seem, such elements are not so often found on the pages of the sites of this niche, so their use will also favorably distinguish you from the competitors.

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

Buy Button

Despite the various options of buttons like “Add to cart” it is recommended to use “Buy”, and it should not be made in the form of an image, it is necessary to write this text. For the online store, it will mean the possibility of promotion on the requests that consist of the word “buy” and the name of the specific product model.

The right product content for online stores will certainly help in their promotion in the search results and will help to establish a stable influx of visitors, who will increasingly become buyers.

Filling the online store with content in the form of unique texts, videos and images will allow you to stand out significantly against the background of the total gray mass of the same competitors.

Success in this difficult business for you! Use our recommendations and you will definitely succeed!