Corporate Visions Reviews: Science-backed Training And Consulting For Your Company

Corporate Visions Reviews

May 3rd, 2022   |   Updated on May 5th, 2022

A good sales and marketing strategy boils down to a mix of creativity and science. But too many companies mistakenly rely heavily on the former. They, unfortunately, ignore the insights that psychology can bring when developing messages to capture and engage potential customers.

Corporate Visions brings the focus back to science. Their science-backed training programs enable corporate teams to succeed in sales, marketing, and customer communications effectively.

What Is Corporate Visions?

Corporate Visions provides science-backed sales, marketing, and customer success training and consulting services. They help teams develop engaging and memorable messages and content for winning customer conversations.

Corporate Visions also trains corporate staff in sales, marketing, and customer success, even in high-velocity sales or virtual situations. For more details about past work please regard these Corporate Visions reviews.

Is Corporate Visions A Good Company For Employment?

Corporate Visions has worked with several international brands, helping businesses streamline and improve their customer acquisition and expansion strategies with the help of decision science and academic research. They’ve become a leading training and consulting services provider, and their reputation in the community precedes them. But what are the reviews from the people who work there?

According to their employees, working for Corporate Visions is a stimulating challenge. People are passionate about what they do, though the work can be tricky. That seeps into the culture and encourages everyone to do their best.

Employees often get generous benefits as a reward, plus the culture is conducive to growth. Managers are very receptive to their team’s suggestions, and you’ll always find new things to learn.

Science-Backed Training And Consulting

To help companies improve their customer conversations, Corporate Visions applies three methodologies. They are all guided by research, neuroscience, and decision science principles to confirm or debunk conventional wisdom or so-called industry best practices. These include:

EEG Technology

Using electroencephalogram (EEG) technology, Corporate Visions studies how people pay attention and remember information when presented with business presentations, allowing them to pinpoint specific stimuli that will captivate and engage customers. You can apply these insights to your messaging strategy.

B2B Simulations

Business-to-business (B2B) environments don’t conduct much research, making it difficult to derive information about how to navigate these specific interactions effectively. Corporate Visions fills that gap, focusing their simulations on these settings, with actual business people, informing you about the buying habits of business decision-makers.

Industry Surveys

Corporate Visions doesn’t rely only on surveys. They understand that inconsistencies exist between what people say and what they do. But what the firm does is discover the value in that gap, which holds a lot of information about consumers’ motivations that you can use for your strategies.

Is Corporate Visions Effective?

Corporate Visions has proven the value of its science-backed training and service within various international teams. Here are some brands that have seen results:


Autodesk, one of the world’s most widely used two-dimensional (2D) solutions, shifted to a three-dimensional (3D) approach, hoping to achieve the same success as its previous ventures.

Autodesk adopted Corporate Vision’s live Situational Sales Negotiation™ (SSN) methodology in their global sales force and reseller network, allowing their sellers to communicate and increase the value of what Autodesk provides their customers, building stronger relationships in the process.

According to their account executive, “Autodesk saw a twenty percent-plus increase in annual sales growth, a five percent increase in gross margins, and closed a three-year $2.5 million deal with a large utility company.”; all thanks to the SSN approach.


It was easy for Cisco’s sales reps to talk about their products’ features and benefits. But the company recognized that its teams had to learn how to communicate value in a buyer-centric language.

Cisco employed Corporate Visions for a three-day training workshop that focused on creating, elevating, and capturing value, helping individuals transition from box to solution sellers.

Rica Lieberman, the director of sales at Cisco, said, “Corporate Visions was able to translate that into an entire learning program that really nailed it for us. That really was able to train our salespeople to make the transition that we were asking them to make.”

How Can Corporate Visions Help My Business?

Corporate Visions can help you create conversations that win. Through science-backed sales training and consultations, they can help you find the right message to capture, engage, and retain customers.

They can also equip your team with the necessary sales, marketing, and customer success skills to convert sales and elevate your business interactions. Reach out to a professional at Corporate Visions to enhance your brand today!