What Is A Deep Cycle Batteries And How To Use It

Deep Cycle Batteries

Published on September 18th, 2019

How often do you take time to think about the fundamental thing that practically powers our daily lives?

Yes, batteries!

Most of us don’t give a moment of thought to batteries. Do you know what differentiates an inverter battery from a simple remote battery? The only time we think about our batteries is when they break down. Of course, they all perform the same job of storing energy. However, even if they have the same job, the batteries function differently.

Let us take deep cycle batteries, for example. For many people out there, a deep cycle battery looks like your regular vehicle battery, but actually, they are quite different.

Battery Type- Deep Cycle

This type is specialized to provide constant power over a long duration and run smoothly until it reaches 80% to 85%. Don’t let the battery get discharged more than 85% and recharge it as soon as possible. However, you must recharge the battery as soon as it falls below 45%, for the longevity of the battery.

Unlike other types of batteries, which deliver short yet high ampere-burst of energy before getting discharged, while these deep-cycle cells are specially manufactured to be used extensively.

In simple words, such a battery is manufactured to be deeply discharged by using up most of its juice which sets it apart from the starter or car batteries. Thus they are perfect for power systems using solar power off the grid.

When Should You Use It?

Deep Cycle Batteries_1

These cells are made to power appliances that require much more than just a quick burst of energy to get started. Some of the appliances that benefit their applications from cells of deep cycle nature include:

  • For Marine Application: According to marine enthusiasts, these off-grid batteries help to start an engine easily by increasing the powering chances and preserves energy efficiently.
  • For the love of Recreational vehicles: The engine battery is the most necessary component of the car. With the best deep cycle battery which is the Best for Driver product, you can easily use your vehicle without 110 Volt power input.
  • Material Handling like Forklifts: Material Handling appliances like Forklifts require moderate to heavy electrical demand. Deep Cycle Batteries are perfect for these appliances as they have a heavily built internal construction to deliver a solid performance along with superior longevity and reliability.
  • For Off-grid renewable energy: Off-grid renewable energy has come to the rescue at the right moment to provide us with a wide spectrum of electrical services in an environmentally sustainable manner. There is absolutely no doubt that Deep Cycle cells are meant to be used as an off-grid battery.


Even though deep cycle batteries do the same job, there are various other types of them suited for multiple purposes. It can be classified under the following two heads:

  • Flooded(FLA) Deep Cycle cell: The plates of such cells should remain completely submerged in an electrolyte fluid or else the plates will get damaged. Thus, FLA batteries must be regularly monitored, and the user must refill the electrolyte fluid to maintain optimum performance.
  • Valve-Regulated Lead Acid(VRLA) Battery: These are called “Maintenance Free batteries,” as these are sealed and don’t require refilling. However, regular monitoring is recommended for outstanding performance.

Where Will I Get A Deep-Cycle Cell?

Deep Cycle cells have made their place in the industrial markets. You can go to your native electrical marketplace to buy deep cycle batteries. However, it is wise to look for these batteries on various websites, as you’ll get better options in the online market.

If you are new in this field and don’t know where to start, take your time, and do your research to find the best deep cycle battery according to your needs.