How To Make A Difference And Build A Legacy

How To Make A Difference And Build A Legacy

Published on April 4th, 2020

Have you ever considered the impression you’re leaving upon the world? Of course, we all want to live the best life possible and be remembered for everything we did well. So what can you do now to build a legacy?

We’ll take a look at some of the simplest ways you can leave a lasting positive impression.

1. Be Aware Of Your Values

This is the foundation from which to start. But do you know your core values? If someone asked you about your life’s guiding values, what would you say? Everyone has definitive values that are non-negotiable deal-breakers.

If you want to have a lasting legacy in the future, you need to able to articulate these clearly now. Write them down.

Then be sure to revisit at the list at least every year. As your life changes, so too will some of your values. That’s to be expected.

But continue to stick with those that are living and actionable.

For example, if you believe in the power of compassion, where can you act upon that? How does it look different in different situations? Also, be familiar with temptations that may pull you away from your core values and cause you to construct barriers.

2. Be Kind

Be Kind

Treating everyone you meet with kindness is a simple action. But it can have a powerful impact. When you show kindness toward others, it has a ripple effect.

Those ripples extend out from you and wash over others. They, in turn, practice kindness that ripples out from them. And the pattern continues.

Being kind shouldn’t feel fake or forced though. You can make a ritual from it. For example, consider reaching out to one friend each week in a special way.

Perhaps send him or her flowers for no specific reason. You can even do this on the internet.

If you enjoy a video, picture, or article that someone posted, take a moment to leave a kind note for the person who posted it.

It’s more genuine and from the heart rather than just clicking the like button. The other person will appreciate it.

And you’ll find it more satisfying than if you’d skipped leaving the comment. Once you get into the habit of kindness, it becomes a way of life.

3. Practice Listening

Sometimes one of the best ways you can give to another is to simply be a good listener.

Regularly check in with the people you love to ask them how their day is going or what’s happening in their lives.

It has to be more than just asking the question though. Listen to their response with genuine interest and curiosity.

Let them know much you care. Don’t worry. It’s not your job to fix the situation or offer solutions. Just being a sounding board is tremendously valuable.

It really s the ultimate act of kindness. To be remembered as a good listener is a high compliment.

4. Give With No Expectations

How often do you give without expecting something in return? This isn’t a judgment or indictment.

It’s just something to observe in yourself. You might be surprised to discover that giving has strings attached. If so, now is the time to make the shift to giving selflessly.

You can start by writing a list of items someone has given you or actions they’ve taken for which you’re grateful.

It could be an article of clothing or a ride to the airport. Next, make another list of perhaps ten things you’d like to give to someone – just for the sheer joy of giving.

Then over the course of the next week, see how many of these acts you can cross off the list.

It could be something as simple as buying coffee for a friend, to something that takes a bit more commitment such as volunteering.

You’ll find that just the sheer act of giving feels good. It is its own reward.

5. Raise Money For A Cause

You don’t have to go out and hit the streets canvassing for funds. With the internet, there are so many ways you can raise money.

For instance, if you have a friend out of work, start a Kickstarter campaign to help him or her.

Or you could make up T-shirts or something else to sell on Facebook to raise money for an organization.

In doing this, you’re also establishing your online legacy as someone who uses the internet to make a positive difference for others versus just a place to interact.

6. Serve To The Best Of Your Ability

When you are familiar with your values and know what you have to offer, the next step is to recognize what the world at large needs.

The biggest question here is, “What can I give that the world needs? There are so many areas, places, and people who are in need.

So try not to get paralyzed by worrying about the fact that you can’t do everything. And you certainly do it perfectly.

Just remember that doing anything to create change is more powerful than doing nothing at all.

Remember also that if physical issues are a barrier to your serving or volunteering, there are ways you can volunteer for a non-profit organization on the internet.

There are often tasks that can be done virtually and remotely. It’s an effective way to make a real impact on the social problem of your choice.

7. Simply Show Up

Single By Choice

The biggest step toward building a lasting legacy is to simply show up.

Whether that means physically arriving at a food shelter, helping a friend bring Green Meadow Memorials to their loved one’s gravesite, or helping out on the internet, just show up. And then put your whole soul into it.

Once you physically or virtually show up, the heart, mind, and soul will soon follow.

Showing up gives you a committed chance to make an everyday difference for the people you love and meet.

And it will go the distance in leaving an impression that will last a long time.

The Time Is Now To Build A Legacy

When you begin to build a legacy, remember that it’s more than about how you’ll be remembered later. It’s about living your best life now.

Enjoy your time while you’re here by being there for others. You will be creating a life worth living. And for more inspirational articles on living your best and fullest life, keep checking back with us.