The Everyday Electric Car Experience

Electric Car Experience

Published on June 14th, 2022

It is easy to see why the world at large is excited about electric cars. They produce no emissions, cut out the need to invest in fossil fuels, and strengthen domestic transport infrastructure.

However, if you do not own an electric car, you may be wondering how you will be affected at an individual level if you were to purchase one. In this article, we’ll let you know why you should be looking forward to the impacts of the electric vehicle revolution.

1. You Charge Them At Home

Fuel stations, with their long lines, are a hassle everyone deserves to be able to avoid. Electric cars require no special external fuel to keep them running: it’s only electricity.

You can simply adopt a habit of putting the vehicle to charge as soon as you return home and leave with a juiced-up battery the next day. This will make traveling easier, too: your trips won’t have to involve worrying about the next closest station.

2. Better Control

An electric vehicle can produce torque independent of the speed it’s running at and has traction control. Glazing over the science of the matter, you get to be able to drive uphill or in the snow with superior control. The acceleration of an electric car is instant and smoother as well.

3. Cheaper Cost

An electric car just has one moving part: the motor. This is a significant reduction as compared to the hundreds of moving parts of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. When a machine has many moving parts, there exists a lot of friction between them which keeps causing wear and tear.

What this implies for you is that your electric car won’t need as many trips to the mechanic. You won’t have to keep replacing oils or machine components, so your car will live longer and cost you less.

Fuel costs also contribute to this assessment. As electricity costs are relatively stable, price hikes will not be abrupt. If you have your own solar panels installed, the investment will pay itself off many times in reducing your fuel costs.

4. They’re Quieter

Not all of us are indifferent to the noise our cars make, and electric cars win by leaps and bounds in this regard.

Electric motors are nearly silent, so the tires and the wind are the only factors that contribute to sound production.

If you’re still not impressed, consider this: roads won’t be noisy for anyone involved, whether it’s a pedestrian or a bird. The atmospheric sound levels will decrease to optimal levels swiftly, and you’ll be playing your part.


Electric cars are gentler on humans, pockets, and the environment alike. Beyond these impacts, electric vehicles will allow domestic economies to become self-sufficient, cutting out oil imports and reducing drilling projects alike.

You can partake in this positive change in many ways, and this includes accelerating the electric vehicle revolution.

The industry offers many career opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds, and if the EV concept inspires you, you can find options like Zappy Ride jobs to work in this exciting growing field.