5 Advantages Of Using Email Marketing To Boost Your Brand

5 Advantages Of Using Email Marketing To Boost Your Brand

March 20th, 2020   |   Updated on September 17th, 2021

Social media has taken the world by storm, quickly gaining a strong foothold in the marketing sphere.

However, despite its popularity, email marketing still comes in as a top contender when it comes to driving sales and engagement.

While there are an estimated 3.9 billion active email users worldwide, the estimated number of people who use social media comes in at 3.4 billion.

This means that the active reach of an email campaign has the potential to drive more sales than a social media post.

So, whatever your brand, whether you are selling goods or services online or even running a blog, email marketing could be an important tool in your marketing arsenal.

Let’s look at the top five reasons why you should use email marketing to boost your brand.

1. Emails Are More Effective Than Social Media

Emails Are More Effective Than Social Media

When it comes to marketing your brand, your main task is to drive customer engagement, click-throughs and conversions with your campaign.

While social media is an important tool for communicating with your audience, studies have shown that people are not only more inclined to engage with content sent to them via email, but the conversion rate of views to engagement is also significantly higher.

So, while you may have a similar reach when comparing the two platforms, the conversion rate makes the return on investment in terms of email marketing substantially greater.

2. Email Campaigns Are Cost-Effective And Easy To Manage

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, such as billboard campaigns and pamphlet distribution, email marketing has extremely low setup and delivery costs.

In addition to this, unlike other marketing campaigns, you don’t need a degree in marketing in order to create an effective and engaging email campaign.

There are a host of free campaign templates available online that you can customize to deliver a great-looking, tailormade email campaign for next to nothing.

Time is, arguably, one of our most valuable commodities. This means that the easier something is to do, the more cost-effective and efficient it is in the long term.

Not only are email marketing campaigns easy to set up, but managing them once they are active, and even making quick changes to your campaign to get better results, is just as easy. An important step in the process is choosing the right

bulk email software to use for your marketing campaign – one that offers professional-looking emails that are easy to customize – as this will mean that your marketing strategy not only saves you money but also time.

3. Results Are Easily Quantifiable

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Most email marketing software comes equipped with all the tools you need to not only see the results of your email campaign almost instantly but to also give you an in-depth look at the open, click-rate and conversion rate for your emails.

With this information, you can easily establish what was successful, and not so successful, about your campaign, so that you can make the necessary changes to ensure better results in the future.

4. Campaigns Are Customizable And Personal

Unlike the vast majority of traditional marketing methods, email campaigns are fully customizable and can thus be tailormade to resonate more successfully with your audience.

Being able to send emails to select contacts in your list at a time will allow you to create and send a variety of different emails targeting various parts of your audience to drive better engagement.

For example, someone who has recently signed up may be sent through an email that shows off what your brand is all about, but an existing contact may be more interested in only reading about new developments.

Adjusting your message to suit your audience means that the campaign will be more engaging and that clients are more likely to continue happily receiving and engaging with your content.

5. Reach More People On More Platforms


With email marketing campaigns, you can deliver professional-looking, high-impact campaigns that are not only accessible to a wider range of audiences than traditional marketing, but that are also accessible over a huge range of platforms.

According to statistics, almost half of the emails that were opened in 2019 were done so on mobile, showing that emails are no longer meant just for office workers stuck behind a desktop PC.

In addition to this, more than half of Americans included in the survey reportedly checked their personal email account more than ten times a day.

That is a lot of time for you to reach your audience with a cleverly designed campaign.

While email marketing may seem like an old-hat method to some, there is plenty of research to show that, while it may not be the shiniest toy in the marketing toolbox, there is a lot to be gained through the use of cleverly designed campaigns.