The Esoteric Industry Is Booming Thanks To The Corona Crisis

Esoteric Industry Is Booming

Published on March 18th, 2021

The Corona crisis ensures that the esoteric industry can boom. And the longer this crisis lasts, the stronger the demand. The esoteric industry is booming thanks to the Corona crisis. It is primarily about interpreting the future.

The desire to learn more about the possible future in this unstable time cannot be denied. But what are people looking for in these uncertain times?

The Interpretation Of The Future Is Intended To Spread Hope And Confidence

This crisis that we are experiencing is shaking our basic trust. It’s about the feeling that we can live safe and protected. When life is normal, we feel this basic trust. But the virus showed us that we can never be sure. And with the accompanying crisis and the associated restrictions, our fears increase.

Worries About Health And Financial Future

It’s not just about worrying about getting the virus. Many people downright despair when it comes to ensuring their existence. Even if the aid money is supposed to prevent the worst, the fear remains. Especially because nobody knows how long this crisis will last.

In addition to health concerns, there are also existential fears. The unknown future cannot be calculated. And that is the biggest problem we struggle with in these times.

The esoteric interpretation of the future now has a meaning again. Perhaps there is information in this way that suggests hope and confidence for the future?

From Horoscopes To Card Reading – Esotericism As A Bringer Of Hope

Even if esotericism is still ridiculed, it can also stir up confidence. Personalized future horoscopes tell about the energetic qualities that can be expected in the next few months. All areas of life can be queried: family, work, finances, health or love.

It is particularly interesting that horoscopes can be made for any point in the future. It does not matter whether the horoscope covers a whole year or a phase in 2025.

Card reading is also a classic in esotericism when it comes to interpreting the future. Perhaps it is also thanks to the simple way the cards are laid out that this variant is so popular. Similar to astrology, messages about different areas of life can be elicited from the cards.

Those seeking advice in esotericism often have the same questions. You want to know how things will go financially in the next few months. But questions about health, love or family are also the standard questions in times of crisis.

The Corona Crisis Reveals New Questions About The Future

But the corona crisis has done more than stir up our fears about the future. Questions about the future are now emerging that had no relevance in previous years. The corona crisis reveals new questions about the future.

Because the isolation through social distance leads people into an unknown loneliness. The touch and the carefree human closeness are not possible in these times. But everyone needs to be touched.

This is particularly difficult for people who have already had little social contact. As a result, questions are now emerging that concern human closeness in the future. When can I hug my boyfriend again? or “When can I kiss Grandma again?” are the questions of this time.

The Esoteric Industry Defies These Challenges

Futurologists, astrologers and fortune-tellers know their business. They know that people are increasingly looking for support when crises appear on the horizon. It could be political uncertainty or, as we are now experiencing, a pandemic.

Sometimes it is enough if there are fluctuations on the stock market. As a result, the esoteric industry was quickly adjusted to the increasing demand. The challenge now is not just to give a good interpretation of the future. In these times, the emotional qualities of an interpreter of the future are also in demand.

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