3 Best Free Apps You Can Use When You Are Writing

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February 6th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

If you are serious about having a writing career, you might want to think about the writing tools you can use in this type of profession.

The writing apps can make your job much easy, whether you write for a movie studio or in a newspaper.

These apps will help you follow the right format and add professionalism to your work, which you can be proud of in the future. So here’s a list of the best free apps you can use when you are writing.

1. Grammarly

If you want to improve your skills, the best way to do it is have to a better writer judge your work. But only a few know a professional writer or two.

Here comes Grammarly, this app can help you improve more in your writing skill. It offers more detailed feedback on your work and suggests the way how to resolve it.

It pinpoints the common mistakes a writer can do, issues on word choice, grammar, and other mechanical problems.

Grammarly has a set of features that you can use, like checking the function, advises the tone of your message, and Grammarly word count that shows your score.

You can also download this app in the browser extension that gives grammatical suggestions when you write on the web.

2. Airstory

There are fewer writing apps that cover the whole process of writing. Aside from editing and writing, research is also an important key.

Your writing projects will divide into two panes on Airstory’s dashboard. The left side can add cards that contain references, notes, and random ideas. The right side is the outline of your work.

It might be straightforward, but it is fantastic because a lot of writing apps’ creative input is the same as the output. A lot of people love the card design. You can create a distributed snippets of copy and put them wherever you like instead of following a linear document.

3. Draft

Draft’s interface is not that great, and it has a Markdown styling and a Hemingway Mode that you cannot delete anything.

It has functions like building a simple website and importing, exporting documents. It has useful features that include a super-simple presentation mode, transcription mode, and analytics. People use Daft because it is a simple editor.


Writing is not a natural skill to hone. You have to learn a lot of things to improve and to be confident. These apps are here for a reason, to help us grow in areas that we don’t excel that much and to make out lives more manageable.

You can use these apps as a practice ground to be better in writing and communication.

Always welcome criticism, especially if you are still starting and learn from your mistakes and avoid them again.

Learn from other writers and observe how they manage to improve in the writing field. Writing is not a process you can develop overnight, and it takes a lot of time and practice to have the necessary skills to write the best content.