Get A Job In Consulting: What About Cover Letter?

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November 11th, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Every time you start to look for a new job, it’s time to get out all your forgotten golden medals covered with dust from the upper shelf on the attic!

If you are you going to make some breaking changes in your life and try yourself on the consultant job position, or just eager to start a new positive movement of your career in a management consulting firm, in both cases, you’ll need a well done proven self-presentation in a written form as a guarantee of your good will to cooperate with your future employer!

Working in consulting requires that you not only recognize and report potential problems but also, be ready to provide viable solutions for those issues.

The consulting industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. Official comparative salaries report by the Management Consulted prognoses the raise of salary in the consulting sphere. Hurry up to join it!

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So, is it possible to craft a cover letter that gets you interview at some so-called “monsters of industry” companies, as for example McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group or Bain & Co? Let’s try to figure it out together!

1. Who Are You, Mr. Consultant?

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The prior thing to manage before writing a cover letter, if you are a candidate who is applying for the job position in consulting, is identifying yourself as a specialist in a certain direction and attributing yourself to one of the consultant subcategories.

Depending on your job abilities, you can dedicate your working experience to such consulting formats:

  1. Business strategy advising
  2. Personalized services
  3. Exclusive one-time trainings
  4. Client-centered coaching

The representatives of the first category can work as analysts and are invited to solve a business tackle specific problems. Consultants of the second type use done-for-you service for small and mid businesses.

Other specialists can train leadership teams and personnel. The fourth kind provides instructing and tutoring in various sorts from life coaching and business to diets and fitness.

Choose the direction for a better understanding of your future role as a professional consultant. Study more about the most required issues and decide which topics are closer to you.

For example, the Statista Charts performed a report of trending topics in the consulting industry, conducted on selected articles from leading firms. Only if you know your line in this play, you’re ready to move further!

Get A Job In Consulting

2. Play A Detective! Stay True!

Once you found a vacancy you are excited with, don’t hesitate with writing a cover letter. And first of all, don’t avoid one of the main rules: make research to find detailed information about your future employer!

The more comprehensive will be your knowledge about the company or the personal client, the better you’ll reflect their requirements and desires towards your collaboration in your cover letter.

Waste just a few more minutes to examine the description of the position. As a rule, it displays a short list of responsibilities and regular working duties.

But pay more attention to the list of needed skills and qualifications! Be sure that each specified skill and duty totally fit you and you highlighted that in your letter.

Got 10 scores from 10 possible? Well, it seems, you are ready to shake the consulting industry inside!

3. Great Advice Is Just An Advice. Profitable Consulting Is The Best One!

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Modern consulting tasks may vary from business strategy advising and done-for-you service to one-time training and ongoing personal coaching.

Notwithstanding the wide landscape of this sphere, there are some common requirements for all the job candidates, which recruiters desire to see in the cover letters they receive.

The contributors of the authoritative IGotAnOffer website voice the thought that consulting cover letters actually have a great difference from the job applications for the vacancies in other areas.

In fact, the style and format of your cover letter can turn to a litmus test of your professionalism. An advanced consultant must communicate effectively and reason logically. Ask yourself, is your letter well-structured, readable, and to the point?

4. “Behind Every Great Fortune There Is A… Cover Letter!”

In your consultant cover letter, you should follow some strategy to make an effective case for your candidacy. Here are a few simple but efficient recommendations for composing a winning letter to manifest your best features for the benefit of the employer.

A. Format And Formula

Consulting firms are true adepts of the corporate culture. So displaying yourself as a good fit for the company, you have to personalize your writings. Your cover letter will be more persuasive if it is targeted to the specific reader.

Avoid creating a generic form letter and sending it to all the job applications! Remember the formula: one letter per one firm!

B. Prove! Don’t Just Tell!

With to creating the main body of your cover letter, don’t just write a list of positions and responsibilities or make statements about your skills.

Protect yourself from following a widespread mistake of many job seekers: don’t repeat your resume! Write about your real achievements! Tell a story and mention specific examples instead of just saying that you’re great.

C. With No Right for Error

Working in consulting requires exceptional professionalism, attention to detail and high erudition. So you have no right for a mistake in the self-presentation!

Follow one more golden rule for cover letter writing: always proofread twice! Carefully check the text for typos and grammar errors. It’s a litmus test for your confidence.

5. You Are Almost There!


A cover letter can increase the effectiveness of remote communication between job seekers and hiring managers at the initial stage.

You can learn more about the nature and theoretical background of the cover letter and make sure of the importance and impact of this correspondence tool.

To learn other helpful things about various faces of a contemporary consultant role visit and get examples, templates, and layout of effective cover letters. The business and marketing consulting sphere is getting wider year by year.

So if you have relevant experience in sales or marketing, had ever worked as an analyst or office assistant manager, it’s time to grab your chance and to open new career opportunities!