The Top 4 Reasons To Wear Gloves While Playing Piano

Playing Piano

September 28th, 2019   |   Updated on October 11th, 2019

Piano players must be very careful with their hands and fingers when they are practicing and performing. Gloves are a good resource for people who want to prevent injury, and some of these gloves are very advanced. Read below to learn how you can protect yourself from injury, stabilize your wrists, and soothe the muscles in your hands.

1. Recovering From Brain Injury Or Trauma


There are wearable passive haptic learning gloves for playing piano that can be used to help people recover from brain injury and trauma.

The gloves direct the user to the right place to move their hands, and the gloves will help to train your brain to move the muscles in your hands properly.

The gloves are a good way to recover from injury as well. Plus, the gloves can be used to help with fine motor control that is difficult to relearn.

2. Protecting Your Wrists

Protecting Your Wrists

Pianists often have issues with wrist pain that occurs because of repeated practicing and performing. Gloves that reach back to the wrist will help the pianist prevent wrist damage.

Plus, the gloves will help stabilize your wrist while playing. These gloves have open fingers that make it easy to play, and there is a tight fabric around your wrists that keeps them from moving too much.

Some gloves come with a special stabilizer for your wrist that will help prevent injury. You may not want to use the stabilizer if you have not been injured before.

However, someone who has gone through a bad wrist injury can use a stabilizing glove if they’re afraid of being hurt again.

3. Treating Carpal Tunnel


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a very common occurrence among musicians, and gloves can be worn to help stabilize your hand. The gloves will prevent the tendons in your hand from moving more than they need to. Plus, you cannot move your fingers as much as you would without the gloves on.

The gloves prevent you from straining your hand in any way, and the tightness of the gloves will help soothe the sore muscles in your hand. Wearing gloves while practicing piano can improve your technique while protecting you from further injury. You can get a simple pair of spandex gloves, or you may get a very long glove that provides both hand and wrist support.

4. Gloves Can Help Refine Technique And Prevent Injury

Piano Gloves

If you have not been injured or diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel, you may want to start wearing gloves to prevent injury. These gloves will help to keep your hands as stable as possible, and you can wear them so that you’re not hyperextending any muscles or tendons.

If you’re just starting out on piano, you can use these gloves to ensure that you don’t go through any pain. You can take the gloves off for performances, or you could use the gloves even in performances to prevent any issues while you’re playing.


Wearing these gloves makes it easy for you to care for your hands instead of worrying about your next injury. The gloves come in several styles, and they may include stabilizers for your wrists.

You can buy these gloves for yourself if you have had injuries in the past, or you might wear these gloves because you want to prevent any future injuries.

Also, the technology is so advanced that people with brain injuries can relearn how to play piano with help from haptic feedback gloves. Every piano player should invest in at least one pair of gloves for practice purposes.

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