Smart Home: Google’s New Upcoming Nest Speaker Revealed

Google Nest Speaker

Published on July 17th, 2020

It is not uncommon for consumers to get a sneak peek at products way before their manufacturers release them. This phenomenon is especially true in the technology community.

Companies in this space suddenly find their gadgets or upcoming gadgets on several online platforms.

One can argue that technology companies should be better able to protect their information since they function in an industry that thrives basically on safeguarding information.

However, no one seems bothered by this and are often excited by the revelation of new products.

The thought of product ownership and corresponding satisfaction is similar to the experience gotten from the use of products from Samsung, Google, Dior, Apple, etc.

Technology product leaks often include rumors of upcoming designs and flagship devices that would have better specifications or better pricing.

Tech giants are not left behind in the trend, and this time it is Google that is taking the hit. Over a month ago, there was a leak of the Google Nest speaker.

This product is anticipated to replace the Google home series launched in 2016 and had terrific features like reading the business news on or booking a bet on Betsafe Canada alongside others. In response to this leak, Google, on the other hand, took control and released some information on their upcoming gadget to quell the rumors.

Design And Ergonomics

google nest mini

In the images and video released, we see that the Nest speaker has a fabric exterior with dimensions approximately 215 x 150 x 60mm.

This speaker is medium-sized and is similar to the design of the Nest Mini and Hub devices. It is a roundish cuboid having a mute button at the back, and it is much taller than its predecessors: the Home series.

The colors in which this device will be rolled out are still not set in stone, but grey and pink look to be the rollout colors. Google Nest is going to have four LED lights in front that light up when you talk to Google assistant.


From documentation released, this device will be packed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Nest is purportedly not going to have plenty of physical buttons for operation, so our best bet is voice control.

It may also have a tap-sensitive body. It will be powered by Google assistant and can be controlled through the Google Home application. You might be able to add speaker groups around your home.

The device is set to come with a decent battery life that will handle long hours of usage. Exact details of this device are still not fully known. Nevertheless, in the coming weeks, we believe more information containing exact figures will be released.


The price of this device is still unknown, but since Google home was first sold at $129 and Amazon Echo sells at around $70, we believe that the price range should not be too far off. We are hoping to see price wars between the two tech giants: Google and Amazon.

Release Date

There are rumors that Google will release the Nest in October 2020, but at this time, we cannot precisely say when this device will be launched.

Also, the Covid-19 pandemic may have messed up the release of this product, but we should expect this device in stores in the nearest future as things ease up worldwide.

This product is going to be packed with premium features. As an upgrade to the Home series, we expect nothing less than the best in terms of quality sound, good battery life, and fast and easy connectivity with multiple devices.

Since this device is going head-to-head against the Amazon Echo, we are hoping to see healthy rivalry in product specs.