Top 6 Health Benefits Of Travelling Abroad

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Published on August 2nd, 2019

It is a common belief that if you travel to different countries, then you getting sick is something that has a high probability. However true that might be, for countries in which hygiene is deplorable, there is an integral part of this dynamic that people often miss out.

More often than not, travelling abroad can actually have a lot of health benefits as well. Experts at Click Pharmacy have evaluated data and research that looks at how human beings and their bodies change when they travel abroad.

It has been found that travelling abroad can actually have a lot of health benefits for you as well.

Here Are Some Of The Ways In Which Travelling Abroad Can Actually Benefit Your Health:

1. Boosting Your Immune System

The human immune system works by destroying antigens that enter the body, and that can cause harm.

When we stay in the same place for a long time, our bodies are exposed to the same antigens and pathogens, which means that our immune system has already built up resistance to them and knows how to fight them.

However, travelling abroad means potential exposure to newer pathogens, which allows our immune system to adapt to the new threats and improve itself by fighting new and stronger threats to the body.

The antibodies created in your body to fight off the new pathogens are stronger, which improves your immunity overall.

Even though it is not advised that you deliberately expose yourself to dirt, pathogens, and sick people while you are abroad, it definitely means that you do not have to keep sanitizing your hands every ten minutes while you are in a different country.


2. Reducing Stress

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Stress levels in the body and mind can impact every part of our lives.

When we are stuck in our day to day routines and cannot find any respite from them, our body begins to get lethargic, and the stress in our minds begins to have an impact on our day to day lives.

This is extremely bad for anyone’s health and can have severe mental and physical repercussions.

Travelling abroad, seeing new things, and experiencing new environments has been scientifically linked to less stress levels.

This is easy to understand because when you are so far away from work, you tend to forget all of the things that were causing you to stress back home.

Taking a vacation and travelling abroad can help you unwind, and become a lot healthier as well. Now you don’t have an excuse to skip vacations.

Science is telling you to go on holiday!


3. Makes You Smarter

Travelling abroad has also been linked to an increase in cognitive ability. People that travel abroad more than others are exposed to different cultures and languages and therefore can learn new things quicker as well.

Not only does this increase their general receptiveness to new things, but it also makes them smarter in terms of making decisions and processing new information at faster speeds.

Engaging with local culture and communities has proven to be extremely beneficial for cognitive function, and decision-making skills in travellers, which is why travelling abroad can be helpful in multiple ways.


4. It Makes You Happier

Ways To Handle Teens' Stress

Many studies have correlated higher levels of happiness with travelling abroad. Studies have actually shown a relationship between less risk of depression in women who travel at least twice a year.

Multiple other research studies have showcased the many health benefits related to being happy, which can be directly linked to travelling abroad, staying away from stress, and seeing new things that can make you happier.

Happiness has also been linked to lesser risks of a myriad of physical health problems.


5. Lesser Risk Of Heart Disease

A lot of factors that are linked to an increased risk of heart disease are things that travelling abroad can help us avoid. In fact, just the very act of moving around more while you are travelling also impacts your health, and improves the heart rate as well.

Stress and depression have also been linked to heart disease, which is why travelling abroad might also decrease the risk of heart disease.

Fresh air and staying away from pollutions of all kinds can also positively impact your health, and lessen the risk of heart issues.


6. More Physical Activity


When we are in our home town, we get lazy, want to stay at home, skip walking to the market and just get our groceries delivered, and order in instead of eating healthy.

When you travel abroad, these are not an option. You have to walk around a lot more, especially if the transport is quite expensive and you want to go sightseeing.

Most areas of sightseeing will not allow traffic within them, and you will have to make your way on foot. Food will also be a lot healthier, and most tourist destinations offer healthy food options that are much healthier than traditional takeout meals.

All of this extra activity is great for anyone who does not get a lot of exercise at home. Just this exercise alone can help people become healthier as well, but mostly, this exercise starts a pattern of healthy living among travels, which helps them greatly in the long run.

When we travel abroad, we see new things, experience new ideas and cultures, and get to learn. We shift our perspective and grow as individuals.

Travelling helps us get healthier, in both body and mind. Travelling abroad has plenty of health benefits to offer, which is why it is important for all of you to start saving up soon and planning your next vacation getaway.