Where To Get Help With Python: An Introduction


September 13th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that has a friendly syntax, making it very popular among programmers.

It has been designed to be clear and concise, and it provides much of the functionality needed for programming in just the core language.

Python is used in many different domains for various purposes, so if you’re using this language, make sure to check out these helpful resources!

The Python Users Guide

I recommend checking out when learning how to program with Python because of all of the tutorials on The Python Users Guide website.

Their tutorials have been written by experienced programmers who know what they’re talking about and will help you learn everything from basic commands to more advanced topics like recursion, file handling, and XML.

If you’re a beginner, however, I recommend starting with the tutorials on Python Basics and Intermediate Python, as well as the tutorial on Loops and Conditionals, to get your base skills leveled up. Another great resource is

The Benefits Of Python Programming

Python has been designed to be as expressive as possible and yet remain readable without comments. This means that even when there are long sequences of bracketed expressions containing multiple layers of function calls, the code remains quite human-readable.

This is in stark contrast to languages like C, where you can write pages of code that are very difficult for anyone other than the original author to understand.

Additionally, comments often become obsolete or irrelevant over time as a program evolves and are generally just ignored by programmers who have memorized the relevant parts of a program’s source code.

Python’s design also makes it easy to test code for errors since the language is strongly typed. This means that the compiler will catch any possible errors before they can even run in an erroneous state.

Python On GitHub

Another good resource for all things related to Python programming, including modules, projects, tutorials, documentation, or even just tidbits of python trivia, is the site GitHub.

If you’re looking for a certain library that does a certain thing, chances are very high that it’ll be on GitHub (if not already open-source).

GitHub is broken up into various categories and directories based on whatever you’re looking for. For example, a directory for Games has been created under the larger category of Social. If you want to check it out, please feel free!

Python In Education

Computer science education is expanding rapidly around the world, with Python playing a very important role. Many universities now offer comprehensive computer science courses that involve python programming, and some even require students to program in Python as part of their coursework.

If you are looking to start learning Python today so that you can bring yourself up-to-speed on this critical skill, then I recommend checking out these sites: Learn Python The Hard Way – This site contains over 200 lessons teaching everything basic and beyond.

This site uses interactive quizzes to test your progress and give you an idea of what areas you need to focus on to master the programming concepts being taught.

How To Code Python – Another great website that contains tutorials for beginners as well as intermediate programmers. This site is broken up into sections, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Programming Languages, Algorithms, etc.

Once you’ve gone through the introductory python tutorials, you can easily find other related resources under the specific section about whatever aspect of programming interests you most.

Learning2Program – This is a great place for people without prior programming experience who want to get started with Python right now!

The lessons are very detailed and include videos that guide students through the entire process of learning Python. Students are also given a set amount of time to complete each lesson, helping them stay focused on using their time as efficiently as possible.

Python for Entrepreneurs

Python is an ideal language for building your own business because it can code websites, automate tasks, and much more.

Python’s advantage over other programming languages is that it’s very easy to read and understand the code that people write, thus making it easy to collaborate with programmers or hire others who know Python for help if needed.

Additionally, Python supports object-oriented programming (OOP), making program design faster by reducing boilerplate code patterns in favor of writing less code overall.

These features make it easier than ever before for business owners to create powerful applications to run their companies with.